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Technological Innovation and Exploration of Blockchain Layout in Big Factory 丨 Babbitt Industry Welcome Class

On February 26, in the second lesson of Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, Ma Shitao, chief solution architect of Ant Blockchain, shared the theme of "Dachang Practice: Heavy Fund Layout, Blockchain Technology Innovation and Exploration" as the theme. . Ma Shitao said that the blockchain is a new architecture for solving the trust problem in the […]

Blockchain is used for the first time to gather the five blessings: What is the experience of “blessing” sharing on the chain?

Source: Ant Blockchain New Year arrives, Alipay gathers five blessings. The circle of friends and Weibo were overwhelmed by various fancy sweeps: "Fu," "Fuzi," and "Fuzi pictures," occupying the top three of the Baidu search index; Jack Ma's "Fu" was launched less than a day, and was swept by netizens by 1.5. Million times. This […]

Blockchain speed in Zhejiang: bid farewell to 100 million paper notes in 6 months

Author: Huang Hui Source: Chinanews, Jan. 17th. In order to achieve the "running at most once" faster, governments in various places are applying new technologies faster and faster. Recently, Ye Shibao, director of the Electronic Bills Center of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, said in an interview that since the establishment of the […]

First | Ant Blockchain Engineer Readme: Using Blockchain to Realize Cross-City Metro Subway Codes

Source: Ant Financial On the first day of the Spring Festival 2020, as of that day, the number of people traveling in different places in the “Yangtze River Delta ’s major cities’ code-scanning and interoperability ”project facilitated by ant ’s blockchain increased nearly 15 times compared to last year ’s Spring Festival, and the number […]

Ant Open Alliance Chain's first IDE announces public beta, pure white matrix ChainIDE takes the lead

Babbitt News, on January 14th, the ChainIDE middleware system (hereinafter referred to as "ChainIDE") created by pure white matrix and the ant blockchain's open alliance chain (hereinafter referred to as "open alliance chain") developed tools, intelligence Multiple benchmarking scenarios such as the contract integrated development environment have been implemented. It is understood that ChainIDE is […]

Ant Financial Jiang Guofei: Industrial Blockchain Opens, Ten Million Days of Live Applications Will Appear

Source: Sina Technology Sina Technology News On the afternoon of January 8, Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Financial Services and President of Intelligent Technology announced in Beijing that Ant Blockchain will open platform technology capabilities to the entire industry, especially for the physical industry, and "do not allow any physical industry "Leaving behind in […]

Ant blockchain ambitions again: this time to promote digital innovation in the field of commodity trading

In today's ups and downs of the digital economy, the commodity industry, which affects people's livelihood, has become a bridgehead between the digital economy and the real economy. In order to explore the application and innovation of the blockchain in the commodity industry and discuss the digital transformation of the commodity trading industry, on December […]

The ant blockchain behind the double 11 carnival: traces 400 million cross-border goods, copyright deposits help sellers defend rights

This article Source: Ant blockchain, the original title "Double 11 Carnival, 268.4 billion trust and truth by the ant blockchain guardian." With the closing of this year's double 11 shopping carnival, the turnover of 268.4 billion has once again reached a record high. This is the tenth year that the double 11 has passed. Ten […]

The ant blockchain is next to the city, helping the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance to open the country's first blockchain electronic bill

In the era of digital economy, in order to let the people "run at most once," more and more government departments began to embrace new technologies. The reporter learned today from Ant Financial that Alipay's blockchain technology has added new scenes. Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance opened the country's first blockchain electronic bill. […]

New Plan of Ant Blockchain and New Trends of BAT Blockchain Strategy

Recently, as the carrier of the Ali system blockchain strategy, the ant blockchain announced its major achievements in the past few years at the Ali Yunqi Conference, and proposed the latest blockchain ecological strategy, which attracted widespread attention in the blockchain industry. . The chain catcher had counted the blockchain strategies of Ali, Tencent and […]