Articles of Ant Financial for Blockchain

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance took the lead in donating electronic bills on the blockchain, and Ant Financial provided technical services

Source: Ant Financial How charitable foundations dispose of donations from caring people has always been a concern for donors. Today, Zhejiang is once again testing high-tech in the transparency of charitable funds and submitting papers in advance. On February 27th, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Ant Financial took the lead in donating electronic […]

Blockchain under epidemic situation: Revitalize "IOU" to help small and micro enterprises loan

Tao Li and Lu Siye reporting from Shanghai Source: 21st Century Business Herald The sudden new coronal pneumonia has given all companies a test paper. Compared with the response of the head enterprises, small and medium enterprises face a big test. Various problems, such as tight cash flow, difficult online transformation, few financing channels, and […]

Ants start rendering blockchains: three major strategic speedup leads?

Author: Wang Ruchen Source: Quark Review You should note that in the beginning of the year 2020 (natural year), Ant Financial and Alibaba Group each sent similar messages. On New Year's Day, Ant Guanwei announced that the company's blockchain service has landed in nearly 50 application scenarios; On January 2, the Dharma Institute released the […]

Ant Financial Services will change! New CEO: Blockchain is one of Ant Financial's fintech application chassis

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost Introduction: Ant Financial is the "main position" of Alibaba's blockchain. There are currently more than 100 landing projects and more than 40 scenarios involved. Today, Ant Financial CEO has changed. Hu Xiaoming (Sun Quan) will be the CEO of Ant Financial . Former Ant Financial CEO Jing Xiandong will focus […]