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Why 2020 Central Document No. 1 ranked blockchain ahead of artificial intelligence and 5G

Author: Liangshan Huarong Source: Interchain Pulse On February 5, the 2020 Central Document No. 1 was officially released. The document states that strengthening the construction of modern agricultural facilities. Relying on existing resources to build agricultural and rural big data centers, accelerate the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big […]

Xinbaoyuan He Baohong: Foreseeing 2020, the turning point has arrived

Text: Zhang Ying, Ye Kunkun, Deng Cong, Liu Tong Source: People's Post and Telegraph Editor's Note : On December 22, the "Wind Direction Series of Events and He Baohong Thought Enjoyment", co-sponsored by the People's Post and Telegraph Press and People's Posts and Telecommunications Press, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, He Baohong, director […]

Observations | Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: A catalyst for the “fourth industrial revolution”?

Image source: Medium "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, blockchain – With the advent of these technologies, today's humans are experiencing a major technological revolution following the Internet. According to an artificial intelligence market forecast report from Tractica, the market value of the global artificial intelligence industry is expected […]

It is not enough to have a blockchain, and there is a way out in combination with AIOT.

Source: Ji Shi Communication The blockchain can't cover everything. It also needs to combine various technical means such as Internet of Things, AI and 5G to effectively solve the pain points in the landing scene. The blockchain really plays its due role. Summary The blockchain is enough to ensure that the data is credible, but […]

When the blockchain encounters AI, is 1+1 greater than 2 or empty negative encounter?

Finishing | Maozz Produced | Blockchain Base Camp (blockchain_camp) What happens when gunpowder is on fire? Perhaps with the huge roar, what we can feel is the energy shock that comes from the face. As the two major mainstream technologies of today's technology – blockchain and artificial intelligence , they have led and innovated leading […]

Blockchain and the future of the intelligent revolution

Blockchain concept In essence, blockchain is a distributed ledger that is a multi-center bookkeeping method. Accounting is an act of recording information about economic activity. In human social activities, bookkeeping is a key power. Most of the previous bookkeeping behaviors have been characterized by centralization. Unlike the traditional centralized accounting function, this function of the […]

AI+ blockchain, Jarvis+ allows each community to have a personal assistant

AI+ blockchain, is it a gimmick or an opportunity, what kind of spark will the combination of the two? On the evening of June 19th, the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt Live Room) invited Jarvis+ co-founder and CEO Stephen Wu to help Jarvis+ use AI technology to serve the community. How artificial intelligence can make […]

AI+Internet of Things + Blockchain: These 10 companies need to be medical network security guardians

There is a network security risk in places where there is a network. With the increase of networked medical devices, the network security risks associated with them are also rising, and become a major issue in the entire network security field. In the past few years, cyber attacks have shown a rapid upward trend. According […]

44 "blockchain + AI" application scenario analysis, do you think it can be more complete?

This article mainly shows the application examples of the combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence for the old irons. The authors discuss popular areas of artificial intelligence , including finance, transportation, healthcare, the Internet of Things, and government affairs , and count the number of patents in the blockchain combined with artificial intelligence. The analysis […]

Babbitt Column | How will blockchain technology transform the “Great Moving Cloud” system? (on)

As mentioned in the author's previous article, the emergence of various new technologies and new models in the digital economy, the overall development direction is "costs to central management, rights to decentralized users", and ultimately improve individual actions The ratio of revenue to cost. In the expected time, there will be no major changes in […]