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Exclusive: SMIC or the first entry miner to cooperate with Jianan to ship Q2

Wu said that the blockchain has been exclusively informed that SMIC, the largest chip manufacturer in mainland China, may use its products for the first time in cryptocurrency mining machines that are mass-produced and shipped. It is reported that the 14nm mining machine chip cooperated by SMIC and Jianan Technology has completed testing and will […]

Ethereum developers: ProgPoW is more ASIC friendly than current algorithms

According to Trustnodes reported on March 6, Kristy Leigh Minehan, the core developer of Ethereum's ProgPoW algorithm, confirmed that the ProgPoW algorithm she has been promoting is actually not as ASIC-resistant as it seems. Image source: Pixabay Minehan says: "The auditors of the security audit company Least Authority did not find this; Bob Rao, IfDefElse, […]

Viewpoint | Checking the block Nonce distribution to track changes in mining equipment

Author: Coin MetricsTom Brand, Uri Kolodny & Avihu Levy Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum fans Editor's Note: The original title is "Viewpoints | Tracking Changes in Mining Equipment with Nonce Distribution" ASIC caused huge controversy Since the early days of Bitcoin, the community has been discussing whether to fight the […]

Coinbase: Safer to ASIC-friendly PoW coins, anti-ASIC will only lead to mining centering

Recently, the digital asset trading platform Coinbase has changed the number of confirmation requirements for the four assets of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Large Zero Coin (ZEC) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), among them, BTC The confirmation numbers of ZEC and ETC have all been lowered, and only the LTC confirmation number has been raised. The […]

Two times to prevent the ASIC from failing, Monroe will completely change the algorithm at the end of October.

Monroe (XMR) had to face the problem of ASIC mining machines "invading" their networks. After a few forks, Monroe's mining algorithm CryptoNight was adjusted to disable the ASIC function. Today, Monroe plans to switch to a completely different PoW algorithm to maintain its ASIC resistance. Monroe plans to anti-ASIC upgrade for the third time Monroe […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is ASIC mining?

The full name of an ASIC is Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, which refers to an integrated circuit that is specifically designed to perform specific computing tasks. It is very common to use ASICs for mining in the blockchain field. This article analyzes the principles of ASIC mining and why it is anti-ASIC. The basic principle of […]

Coindesk: Monroe password punks made a final blow to ASIC

Introduced the final efforts of the Monroe community's password punks for anti-ASIC mining, and the mining performance of the Random X algorithm. Inside Monroe: Last time against ASIC Monroe developers are stepping up to prevent ASICs from monopolizing mining incentives. Among the many cryptocurrencies that focus on privacy, Monroe has become the largest (about $1.5 […]