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How to use the Merrill Lynch clock to grasp blockchain investment? Global Top10 Crypto Fund Reveals Your Secrets | Babbitt Industry Class

In 2020, what are the most noteworthy 3-5 investment directions? What kind of investment logic should bear in a bear market? On the evening of March 26, the second issue of Babbitt Industry Class "Finance is a Trap or a Treasure of Wealth? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Learning Week continued to be output. Cai Yan, […]

What kind of blockchain project is worth investing in? Graph Network Data Tells You | Babbitt Industry Lesson

Babbitt Industry Lesson 2 "Finance is a Trap or a Treasure?" —— "Blockchain and Finance" Study Week, officially started on March 23. In the five-day course, five top blockchain experts used investment as the theme to showcase the cutting-edge investment experience and ideas from the blockchain. On the evening of Wednesday, March 25th, Tao Rongqi […]

How to invest in half? Where do companies go public? Where is the capital? Blockchain First Trader Decrypts For You | Babbitt Industry Lesson

Did you know that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are opportunities or traps in the eyes of traditional capital markets? On the evening of Monday (March 23), the second phase of the Babbitt Industry Class, "Financial Trap or Wealth Treasure? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Study Week officially opened. Zhang Li, vice president of Canaan Technology, took the […]

The secrets of the distributed capital investment mindset: how to use the "impossible triangle" for blockchain investment?

Looking at blockchain projects, do investors focus on technology or business? Current price and future value, which is the real opportunity? To G, to B or to C, what is the industry trend in 2020? On the evening of March 24th, the second issue of Babbitt Industry Class "Finance is a Trap or a Wealth […]