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Babbitt Entrepreneurship + | "All changes are possible", how does the investment institution X-Order explore the new open financial order?

Babbitt's “Entrepreneurship+” section is dedicated to serving blockchain innovators and documenting how imaginative people are changing the world. We select representative/project companies to report based on industry, technology, business model, team, social value and other multi-dimensional judgments. This issue of Babbitt Entrepreneurship + will introduce the story of X-Order, the cryptocurrency research institution, and its […]

Babbitt Entrepreneurship + | Luck and strength blessing, how does Taraxa endorse for the blockchain + IoT?

Blockchain + supply chain, medical, gaming, Internet of Things… Blockchain + everything has become a slot in the industry. But at the same time as the Tucao blockchain +, I asked myself, have we seriously studied the application? Today's Babbitt Entrepreneurship + brings you to know the blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT) public chain […]

Thinkey: This Tsinghua project "has less financing, not on the big", but has landed dozens of applications | Babbitt Venture +

Today, Babbitt "Entrepreneurship +" takes everyone closer to the public chain project Thinkey. "Entrepreneurship +" is a section that explores quality projects and provides free coverage. When we evaluate a large number of projects, we often judge from the aspects of team, technology, landing, financing, and community. But Thinky showed fragmentation and contradiction in these […]