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Baidu Blockchain Xiao Wei: Focus on Exploring "Trusted Computing + Blockchain" Next Year

Securities Daily Reporter Li Bing Source: Securities Daily At present, blockchain is being deeply integrated with finance and the real economy to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. But it cannot be ignored that during the development of domestic blockchain, foreign open source blockchain technology still occupies the mainstream in the Chinese market. An unavoidable problem […]

Babbitt Original | Microsoft, Baidu successively layout, is DID an inevitable choice for the digital process?

Last week, Baidu Smart Cloud released a DID applet digital identity wallet. DID (Decentralized ID) is a distributed digital identity based on blockchain technology. What is digital identity? How is digital identity based on blockchain different? Which companies in the industry are making relevant attempts? Is there a uniform industry standard? What are the expected […]

Ali, Tencent, Baidu blockchain landing case big PK, who is weak and strong?

Source: Blockchain Learning Society Baidu lacks goodness and has no highlights; Tencent's invoice field is strong and its social advantage is obvious; Ali is deeply integrated into its own business, and the scene is rich and diverse. No giant wants to be a fallen giant. The rise of new technology is accompanied by the decline […]

New Plan of Ant Blockchain and New Trends of BAT Blockchain Strategy

Recently, as the carrier of the Ali system blockchain strategy, the ant blockchain announced its major achievements in the past few years at the Ali Yunqi Conference, and proposed the latest blockchain ecological strategy, which attracted widespread attention in the blockchain industry. . The chain catcher had counted the blockchain strategies of Ali, Tencent and […]

Amazon, Baidu, and Ping An executives talk about the blockchain landing, the future business of the Web3.0 era

On August 20th, the “POW'ER 2019 Global Developers Conference” hosted by Mars Finance was held in Beijing. Guests from companies such as Ant Financial, Amazon Cloud, Baidu Smart Cloud, Ping An Financial, and Xiaomi Group brought sharing. It is not difficult to see from the configuration that large and small factories at home and abroad […]

Is it just a coincidence that BAT holds blockchain activities at the same time?

Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Baidu, Ali, Tencent's hometown, held the blockchain conference almost simultaneously on July 26th and 27th, of course, the protagonist is still them. (tabulation: interchain pulse) This may be a coincidence, but it is inevitable by chance. BAT officially launched on the track of the blockchain in 2019. Three meetings, three missions As […]

Baidu Super Chain: With 140+ patents, plans to open source cross-chain technology in 2020

On July 27th, the first salon of Baidu Super Chain Academy opened in Beijing. Baidu Super Chain senior R&D engineers and product managers shared the technology, application and Baas. In addition, the Baidu Super Chain team also revealed the next plan, plans to open source super node technology, open source XuperData in the first half […]

The plagiarism is near: the end of the Qin, paper, Annie, Baidu, four blockchain copyright product evaluation

The exploration of the blockchain in the copyright field is being rolled out from point to point. On March 28 this year, the China Copyright Protection Center, in conjunction with the Sina Weibo, Jingdong Mall and other Internet platforms, launched the China Digital Rights Unique Mark (DCI) standard alliance chain. On March 5th, the Xunlei […]

Baidu senior R & D engineers reveal the super chain of 6 core technologies | Babbit College Open Course Live Record

Babbitt College officially launched its open class. We invited technical, operational and investment experts from Baidu, Weizhong Bank, Microsoft and other technology companies to give a detailed account of their latest developments and new achievements in the industry. In May, the first issue of the "Front Lines of Famous Enterprises Blockchain Series" was conducted by […]

From Baidu to Ali, the blockchain patent is the world's number one, detailing China's cryptocurrency industry version.

Government and supervision In 2016, blockchain technology was included in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016 – 2020), which means that China became one of the first countries in the world to accept the technology in its official policy. It is worth noting that the government-supported blockchain technology application projects have been greatly favored compared to […]