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The macro economy basically faces the potential impact of bitcoin prices

Beginning in 2018, institutional funding began to enter the cryptocurrency field at an increasing rate, and Coinbase's CEO recently confirmed this. However, the key to maintaining optimism in the industry is to understand whether these capital inflows will continue in the short to medium term and what are the main reasons for the inflow of […]

Trading Robot for Encrypted Assets: How to Understand? How to choose?

Foreword: The cryptocurrency is highly volatile, but for traders, this is something you like to see. Will they get a profit through trading robots? How to understand trading robots? If you want to choose a trading robot, how should you choose? The author of this article, Janny Kul, is translated by the "Liao L" of […]

Ethereum was “occupied” by USDT, with network utilization of 90%

The digital ledger capacity behind "better bitcoin" is running out. Last week, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin issued the warning. He pointed out that for some users, the cost of processing transactions using the digital token Ethereum (ETH) on the underlying blockchain may be higher and higher. According to the data of the tracker, the […]

BTC 徘徊 "万" word area long and short into the tug of war

In the past 10 days, Bitcoin fell below the $10,000 mark six times, and then it rose sharply, breaking through the high of $10,500 several times. The game of hidden long and short forces is hidden in the market that oscillates back and forth. At 7 am on August 15, Bitcoin fell below the $10,000 […]

Getting Started with Blockchain | Opening the "Three Locks" for Bitcoin Smart Contracts

With the introduction of new instructions and algorithms, the multi-signing feature of Bitcoin is becoming more powerful. Multi-signing refers not only to multiple people signing together, but also to keep a bitcoin asset; it can also be multiple conditions "co-signing" to lock and unlock bitcoin through these conditions. Using conditions to determine the use of […]

0.32 dollars to buy 40 bitcoins: the currency exchange will not work hard, the regular army will come

Summary Event: On August 23, the Amazon AWS cloud service failed, causing many currency exchanges such as the currency security to be affected, and even some data confusion. The gray rhinoceros that is regulated by the currency exchange and safe for asset custody is urgently needed to be resolved. The country will launch a digital […]

Twitter Featured | 300 million Telegram users will be able to trade Bitcoin, Tether is blocking the Ethereum network

01 Coin on the line of wealth management products, Anbao, for blood transfusion of margin trading The official announcement of the currency official announced that it will be on the line of Anbao to provide users with idle digital asset value-added services. Coin Anbao is a wealth management product that raises interest rates. The first […]

The Ethereum Foundation funds $2.46 million to developers to advance Ethereum 2.0

According to Cointelegraph's August 27 report, the Ethereum Foundation announced that it will spend $2.46 million to fund the developers of the Ethereum network to advance the Ethereum 2.0. On August 26th, the Ethereum Foundation announced in an article published on its official blog that the Ethereum Fund has provided financial support to several Ethereum […]

Heavy | China Telecom Releases 5G Era Blockchain Smartphone White Paper

On August 27th, at the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, the China Telecom Blockchain and Digital Economy Joint Lab released the White Paper on Blockchain Smart Phones in the 5G Times (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”). The white paper describes a blockchain application ecosystem created by China Telecom, which uses the unique […]

The average price is nearly 10,000 yuan, and the cryptocurrency domain name transaction is on fire again?

I believe that many people are no longer familiar with the terms Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. They have gradually become a hot topic in people's daily lives. As the encryption market matures, especially after the bull market in 2019, the value of some domain names that contain terminology used in the encryption industry has also […]