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Technical Guide | Building IPFS Applications with Node.Js

Source: Translation: Interstellar Introduction IPFS is a game changer. In contrast to today's networks, IPFS can actually implement a distributed, permanent network. Most importantly, it may be interplanetary, which is completely impossible with our current client-server architecture. IPFS utilizes a peer-to-peer architecture where each node is both a client and a server. If you […]

One article understand the significance of the second mainnet upgrade of the cross-chain project Cosmos

Source: Cosmos Interconnection Chain Editor's Note: The original title was "Understanding the Significance of Cosmos's Second Mainnet Upgrade". This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. The Cosmos mainnet was successfully upgraded to Cosmos Hub 3 on December 12, 2019 Beijing time. The upgraded Cosmos Hub 3 adds parameter change […]

One article compares the degree of centralization of governance on the chain: MakerDAO, Decred, Tezos

Author: Nate Maddrey and Coin Metrics team Translator: Barley Source: Satoshi Shinmoto Editor's Note: The original title was "Original Title: Comparing the Centralization of Sanxiong on the Chain: MakerDAO, Decred, Tezos" Coin Metrics explored the topic of "on-chain and off-chain governance" in the 29th Network Watch, introduced three mainstream projects using on-chain governance: MakerDAO, Decred, […]

Ethereum Foundation: A Quick Look at Eth1.x Research

Author | Griffin Ichiba Compilation | Jhonny & Tessa The new direction of Eth1.x research has begun. The focus is to transfer the current Ethereum chain to the "stateless client" paradigm. The ultimate goal is to smoothly transition into an Executive Environment in Eth 2.0. The next conference call will focus on collecting and organizing […]

A brief history of crypto exchanges: a glimpse into the evolution of the most powerful organization in the blockchain industry

Written by: Nathaniel Whittemore & Clay Collins Compilation: Lu Jiangfei Source: ChainNews ChainNews I. Preface The cryptocurrency industry is a mixed bag of idealists and opportunists; true believers and arrogant speculators; HODLer and Trader. But they all have one thing in common: they have a belief in crypto. Those who have a long-term vision are […]

Crypto Industry Watch | There is no guide to bear markets, success is not limited to the present

The nascent industry often follows this "rhyme"-from rising to falling, then from falling to rising, the cycle repeats until it reaches the peak stage, and this cycle will always go through three or more times. According to Eliot's research, the rise of things will always go through the three processes of underestimation, value discovery and […]

Miners must read: 8 tips to help you achieve long-term mining profitability

Source | Hackernoon Translation | First Class (First.VIP) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining has always been a volatile industry. Mining profits have been changing, factors such as network difficulty, price fluctuations and halving are constantly changing mining revenues. To further complicate matters, these factors have different effects on each mining machine. Given that the capital […]

Zhongxiang Bit is strict: no blockchain technology team can make it without 50 people

Source: Mars Finance . Author: Written thick   Mars Finance reports that the Blockchain & Digital Economy Summit Forum hosted by the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee and the China Information Association, and organized by the China Academy of Informatization Development and the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Commission and the 8th Zhongguancun […]

Science | What is the valid balance of validators in Ethereum 2.0

Author: Jim McDonald Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Proof of equity For all blockchains, the core competitiveness is the ability to ensure its own security. On a secure chain, transactions are verifiable, and historical transaction data is non-tamperable, that is, on the blockchain, anyone can get details of a […]

Babbitt Interview | Jamie Burke, Founder of Outlier Ventures: We have been in the industry blockchain for 6 years

In the blockchain world, we often see breakthroughs achieved in Asia and North America, compared with Europe, which is more low-key. The town of Zug in Switzerland is known as the "crypto valley" and is the cradle of a large number of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. The Libra Association is also registered in Switzerland. But […]