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Analysis of 3 smart contract architectures: Bank of England March Digital Fiat Report

1 Introduction The Bank of England released a 57-page report in March 2020, studying how to introduce CBDC into existing markets [1], both as a store of value and for daily transactions, and analyzed its possible impact on maintaining monetary and financial stability Major challenges posed. This report entitled "Central Bank Digital Currency March 2020: […]

Japanese legislators say: The yen will be issued by the CBDC, fast!

Recently, due to the spread of the new crown virus in many countries and the financial market turbulence, the popular CBDC discussion at the beginning of the year seems to have weakened a lot. Except for the recent report of the Bank of England (which is a long-written report, but it was chosen to be […]

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan: The issuance of the central bank's digital currency requires attention to "three constants" and "three changes"

Translation: Liu Bin Collaborators: Zhaoyun De Source: Didi Technology Information Editor's Note: The original title was "Central Bank Digital Currency and Future Payment and Settlement System" This article is a speech by Masayoshi Amamiya, deputy governor of the Bank of Japan, at the Tokyo Future Payments Forum 2020. When considering the issuance of digital currency […]

Former Bank of England (BoE) official: Bank of England digital currency will eventually take on many different "hybrid" forms

Editor's note: Original title was "Central Bank Officials: Blockchain Can Improve the Global Financial System" Source: CointelegraphChina On March 7, three currency and cryptocurrency experts discussed the challenges and prospects of the central bank's digital currency issuance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bitcoin 2020 Expo. Panelists acknowledged that blockchain technology can improve the […]

Bank of Japan: Whether to issue central bank digital currency is an important issue

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan Masahiro Amamiya spoke recently (February 27) at the "Future of Payments" forum in Tokyo, speaking of his attitude towards the issuance of the central bank's digital currency (CBDC). I. "Three Changes" and "Three Unchanged" of the Payment Settlement System and the Monetary System of the Central Bank In […]

Canada: Retail CBDC has plans, release time has not yet come

On February 25, Timothy Lane, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, delivered a speech entitled "Money and Payments in the Digital Age" at the "Fintech RDV2020" conference held by the Montreal CFA Association. The Bank of Canada website also published " The report of the "Bank of Korea Digital Currency Contingency Plan" shows that […]

Japan's Finance Minister: China's central bank's digital currency may pose great risks

According to Bloomberg, Taro Aso, Japan's finance minister, believes that China's central bank's digital currency may pose great risks. The report said that he warned countries not to use China's digital renminbi, and he believed that any country needs to do a lot of work before issuing central bank digital currencies. Taro Aso said at […]

China files 84 patents for central bank digital currency

Source of this article: Blockchain Pencil Author: OSATO AVAN-NOMAYO | compiled by: Maya China's meticulous promotion of CBDC issuance According to reports, the Central Bank of China has applied for 84 patents for its plan to launch a digital currency electronic payment DCEP system. The number comes from a survey by the American Digital Chamber […]

Japanese officials: it is difficult to deal with China's central bank digital currency without US help

Japan's senior lawmaker and deputy foreign affairs minister Norihiro Nakayama said that Japan needs to strengthen cooperation with the United States to resist the potential impact of the central bank's digital currency that China plans to use. According to Bloomberg, Nakayama plans to release a digital currency proposal on Friday, and he hopes that the […]

Japanese digital currency may hand over answer sheets in February, China and Libra or main driver

More and more countries in the world have started to set up their own national digital currencies, and now Japan has joined them. Japan's deputy foreign minister, Norihiro Nakayama, said earlier today that lawmakers are considering issuing a digital version of the yen. The project will be jointly run by the government and several Japanese […]