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Research report | Observation of the exploration of decentralized community governance from DAO, DCR to Polkadot

With the introduction of Polkadot, MolochDAO, DigixDAO, GenesisDAO, DxDAO, WBTC DAO and PolkaDAO, 2019 can be said to be a "year of DAO". The emergence of code as law has made decentralization possible. The concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) emerged at the historic moment. Through the combination of decentralization, autonomy, autonomy and token economic […]

About Token Classification Act, Libra, and SEC: Interview with Kristin Smith, Director of External Affairs, Blockchain Association

This article from the Finance Yahoo , the original author: Daniel Kuhn Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Moni 2019 is coming to an end, and Kristin Smith, head of external affairs at the Blockchain Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., shares his views on blockchain and the state of the world. By bringing together different projects, investors, […]

Perspectives | MOV Ecology and Blockchain Thinking

1 Pain points of the blockchain industry We often wonder whether the positive attitude of the government, the positive reports of the media, the accumulation of funds and talents, the world of the blockchain seems bright, but when you look down at the reality, you will find that the journey is long and distant. Seems […]

Babbitt Site | Super Ledger Beyond Fabric, 15 Projects in Progress, Reward 9 Cases

On December 14, the "IN-Chain Global Blockchain Summit" hosted by Mutual Chain Pulse under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was successfully held in Beijing Shangri-La. Chinese community manager Long Wenxuan shared the latest progress of the super ledger. Long Wenxuan said: "In addition to […]

Can't beat Bitcoin in 2019, where is the strength of Ethereum in 2020?

Source: OKEx Translation: First Class (First.VIP) _Maggie The price of Ethereum has been underperforming this year. This second-largest cryptocurrency has gained less than 5% this year, and Bitcoin still has a surprising 95% increase year-to-date, even if there is a wave of selling at the beginning of the year. With the successful implementation of the […]

ECB President makes clear statement on stablecoin: EU should lead the world in stablecoin projects

According to foreign media reports on December 16, European Central Bank (ECB) President Christina Lagarde issued a clear statement on the agency's views on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. (Image source: wikimedia ) The European Central Bank manages the financial and economic interests of 19 EU countries (using the "Euro"). At a recent press conference on monetary […]

Review Ethereum 2019: speak with data

Source: consensys Compilation: ECN Ethereum China To this year after year, the Ethereum ecosystem has never stopped growing, and this year has also brought a new wave of innovation and a wave of blockchain development. In 2019, Ethereum achieved improvements through network upgrades and a growing developer community; DeFi introduced the value of hundreds of […]

Ethereum will be upgraded this Saturday, and developers have agreed to delay the launch of the difficulty bomb

According to Trustnodes reported on December 1, Ethereum will perform an Istanbul Gas Upgrade this Saturday, and developers have agreed to an emergency hard fork within a few weeks of this upgrade. Image source: visualhunt In a recent public meeting on Ethereum, all developers and other non-developer attendees (such as marketers or miners) agreed to […]

Computing Power is King: Global Treasure Map

Text: Song Shuangjie, CFA; Cheng Dongfeng Source: Token Research Institute Introduction   With the increasing consensus of BTC, BTC "mining" is often referred to as the "gold rush" in the new era. A huge industry chain has been formed around BTC mining. This article will try to show the treasure map of BTC mining. Summary […]

Popular Science | Crypto War, Blockchain Technology

Source: Wanxiang Blockchain On November 28, Gong Ming, a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the blockchain industry, as the lecturer of the fifth lesson, took dozens of important legends in the history of modern computer, cryptography & blockchain as Clues, from their stories, introduce the evolution of blockchain technology. Perhaps we are now accustomed to […]