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Note that the US Ohio government is about to use BCH-based SLP tokens.

According to him, in the past six months, they have been working on a project for the local city of Dublin, Ohio, to provide three functions for the Dubliners: digital identity, electronic voting systems, and value markers. Currently, Dublin's value tag has been implemented through the bitcoin cash SLP program. Josh Green said: "Before this, […]

More than half of 2019, a large inventory of BCH results

In the past six months, supporters of Bitcoin cash have been tirelessly promoting the popularity and widespread adoption of Bitcoin worldwide, while BCH developers have been strengthening infrastructure. As of press time, the BCH market has risen more than 213% this year. BCH's total market capitalization is about $8.4 billion, with a global transaction volume […]

How to smash a BCH in a toilet, trash can or a grove? I laughed after reading it.

This is a real treasure hunt game. Everyone can participate as long as you are careful and patient. You can treasure treasures, you can also find treasures, and often very simple , such as this one: Starting from the aviary, starting from the back of the toilet, Follow the path into the woods. Climb up […]

BCH protects the interests of Xiaobai and provokes a sigh of relief. Is this right or wrong?

Event review As we all know, this upgrade of BCH is mainly two contents: Add schnorr signature & isolation witness recovery. The coverage of the currency media is mainly concentrated on the schnorr signature, and the report “Isolation Witness Recovery” is relatively rare. Before the upgrade, people often make mistakes to send the BCH to […]

Speaking with data, many indicators of BCH have been crushed LTC

Bitcoin, as the forerunner in the field of cryptocurrency, has driven the prosperity of the currency circle along the way. However, it is not without problems in the process of its development. The appearance of Litecoin and Bitcoin cash is the best proof of its problems. The reason why Litecoin is generated is because it […]

alert! BCH will fork again, and the liar is coming again!

Since there are different reasons, we will not discuss much. Today, we have sent a simple analysis in the currency. To everyone's vigilance today, BCH's last fork coin BCHSV has not gone, the next fork coin is coming! From the streaming video, you can see that the theme of this small conference is: BitcoinCashClassic main […]

If the miner is dissatisfied with the BCH incentive halving, it may cause cyber security problems.

"Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver also recently supported Bitcoin cash, saying that it is not only more market-reputable than Bitcoin, but also popular with many Japanese merchants. In addition, Roger Ver does not seem to look good on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. He believes that Lightning Network provides users with a "horrible" experience and even hinders […]