Articles of Bifurcation

Then talk about the fork, who is the real power of the Bitcoin world?

Yesterday's article made some readers misunderstood, and today I reinterpret the logical relationship here. Who is the real power of the Bitcoin world? This issue has been debated endlessly. Some people think that the developer is the real power, because the code is the law, the code is the power; some people think that the […]

Bitcoin has been "forked" more than 100 times in two years, now how about those forks

In the open source community, bifurcation means “copying and modifying” is one of the ways to expand the influence of open source software. In the blockchain world, forks often mean hope and destruction coexist. In the history of Bitcoin, the fork brings a new technical solution. The BCH of the large block plan and the […]

A picture of bitcoin bifurcation history

Below is a summary of the bitcoin bifurcation diagram. Although not all the forks are covered, the figure shows some of the most important forks to date. What is bitcoin fork? The word "forking" can sometimes be difficult to understand because different types of "forking" represent different things. Code library fork The code base fork […]

Bitcoin Bifurcation Main Cause: Extending Attacks Caused by ECDSA Algorithm Vulnerabilities

A loophole in the elliptic curve signature algorithm is that it does not invalidate the original transaction immediately after changing the transaction signature. If you've been "stuck" for years in the encryption industry, you've certainly heard about "transaction malleability" and know that it's not a good thing. But what exactly is "transactional scalability" and why […]