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Opinion | Si Xueming: Blockchain applications are diversifying, and they will be widely deployed in the real economy in the next three years

Source of this article: Foshan Daily , original title "Xin Kangzhong Decoding Blockchain Application Stimulates New City Vitality" Foshan Daily reporter Lin Rundong Blockchain is an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies. Accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation is a current trend. For Foshan, which has a number of highly […]

Depth | Business opportunities brought by ABCDI in the era of digital new infrastructure

2020 is known as the first year of China's digital economy. Due to the new crown epidemic that broke out across the globe, the need for a non-contact economy has forced us to accelerate the embrace of digitalization. In this process, what technologies will break out and what opportunities are worth seizing? From the perspective […]

Blockchain changes production relations? Big data is not ready to serve as a means of production

Text | Interlink Pulse · Golden Car At a blockchain forum at the end of last year, Chen Weigang, supervisor of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, proposed that big data is the means of production, artificial intelligence is the productivity, and blockchain is the production relationship. This conclusion has been widely recognized by the […]

Will big data + blockchain create a new Internet industry economy?

Fever in 2017, winter in 2018, and the return of value in 2019, the blockchain market is undergoing a new round of reforms, and it is back to the original intention of technology exploration and scene landing. From the government decision-making level to the industry practitioners, they are re-examining the role of blockchain technology in […]

Expert online round table: AI, big data, blockchain and other technologies can help fight new pneumonia

Source: Beijing News Author: Wang Xiao (Beijing News Urban Institute researcher wisdom) Editor: Libi Ying proofread: Wu hair At the end of 2019, a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation appeared in Wuhan. The epidemic quickly spread to provinces and cities across the country. As of 14:00 on February 1, 2020, the number of people diagnosed […]

Blockchain distributed storage: a new storage model for ecological big data

Blockchain, deservedly the most beautiful word of 2019, shines in the technology field and stars in the physical industry. The 1024 speech in 2019 gave a new look to the word blockchain. Previously, it was always associated with MLM and fraud. The word "blockchain" was always covered in gray. But nowadays, blockchain is closely linked […]

Chinese universities will compile a batch of new teaching materials around blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

Source: Beijing News Beijing News (Reporter Feng Qi) On January 7th, the reporter was informed that the National Teaching Materials Committee issued the "National Plan for the Construction of Textbooks for Primary and Middle Schools (2019-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which clarified the primary, secondary, and The focus of future construction of teaching […]

Xinbaoyuan He Baohong: Foreseeing 2020, the turning point has arrived

Text: Zhang Ying, Ye Kunkun, Deng Cong, Liu Tong Source: People's Post and Telegraph Editor's Note : On December 22, the "Wind Direction Series of Events and He Baohong Thought Enjoyment", co-sponsored by the People's Post and Telegraph Press and People's Posts and Telecommunications Press, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, He Baohong, director […]

Babbitt Column | How will blockchain technology transform the “Great Moving Cloud” system? (on)

As mentioned in the author's previous article, the emergence of various new technologies and new models in the digital economy, the overall development direction is "costs to central management, rights to decentralized users", and ultimately improve individual actions The ratio of revenue to cost. In the expected time, there will be no major changes in […]