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The road to the listing of Bitcoin mining companies: once at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is now seeking IPO to the US

Source: China News Weekly Recently, the blockchain industry has ushered in a policy boom, and virtual currency prices have risen in the wind. Among them, the bitcoin price once again exceeded 10,000 US dollars, the entire currency circle is in the carnival, the direct beneficiary is the mining machine linked to it. According to Frost […]

Bitcoin is expected to complete its listing in early 2020, raising up to US$500 million

Source | This article was written by IPO (ID: ipozaozhidao), the text is for reference only. Edit | C Uncle Bitcoin has secretly submitted a prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in late October, and plans to complete its listing in early 2020, raising up to $500 million. Bitcoin's road to listing […]

Speed ​​reading | Bitcoin S17+ new mining machine revenue evaluation; exchange wallet holds 6.7% of all bitcoin

Author: True Satoshi Editor's Note: The original title is "Zhenben Congjiji|Bit Continental S17+ New Mining Machine Benefit Evaluation" Today's content includes: 1-bit mainland Antminer S17+ and T17+ new mining machine evaluation 2 Exchange wallet holds 6.7% of all bitcoins (and is growing) 3 The rise of Staking: from theory to the construction of large infrastructure […]

Wu Jihan: The Jank group’s silence insider is untrue, and some people take the opportunity to intensify the contradiction between the two.

On the afternoon of November 1, a domestic media published an exclusive manuscript. The manuscript said that on October 29th, the founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, said, “I must come back to save this company!” After the heavyweight of the mainland, the reason for the Jank group to remain silent is: or involved in the […]

Analysis: Why can Bitcoin submit a listing application secretly?

Source: Deep Chain Finance According to Tencent News "Plough", a week before Wu Jihan launched the "coup" raid, Bitian China has secretly submitted a listing application to the SEC. The sponsor is Deutsche Bank. Why can it be submitted in secret? What is the difference between a public offer and a prospectus? The secret submission […]

Bitcoin has secretly submitted a listing application to the US SEC. The sponsor is Deutsche Bank.

Author: Tencent News "periscope" Liu Peng Editor's Note: The original title is "Population" | The founder has driven away another founder inside the Bitt mainland what happened? 》 Source: Tencent News Wu Jihan (left) and Jank The direct cause of this "coup" is the second annual organizational restructuring of the Jank Group, which directly led […]

"I must come back to save this company!" Wu Jihan "forced the palace" to regain the position of the mainland

At noon on the 29th, the blockchain industry once again set off a huge wave. An internal email from the founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, was exposed. According to the e-mail, "all the duties of the Jenke group on Bitland will be released immediately." Moreover, the e-mail ordered the employees of Bitian to stop executing […]

Blockchain industry distribution survey: 42% of practitioners are exchange employees

The block, a cryptocurrency research firm, recently analyzed 158 companies focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It turns out that at least 50 companies in the blockchain industry employ more than 100 people. The largest number of employees is the mining machine manufacturer Bit China, reaching 1,500 people. Fire coins, Coinbase and OKEx are ranked 2-4, […]

Wu Jihan's latest share: 2-4 million users worldwide, cryptocurrency will soon be widely adopted

From October 8th to 10th, the 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Wu Jihan made a theme sharing. He is still co-founder of Bitland and still holds Bitcoin cash. In his speech, Wu Jihan announced that Bitcoin will release two new bitcoin mining machines, S17+ and T17+. The former has a […]

In just one year, the founder of the coin printing moved the cheese of the old club

On the afternoon of September 16, the real-time computing power of the BTC currency in the coin-printing pool rose to the top of the global mining pool in the miningpoolstats website, with a computing power of 13.38E. fell to second with 13.33E and F2Pool ranked third with 12.74E. This is the first time in […]