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LedgerX launches $100,000 bitcoin call option

Thanks to the compliant derivatives provided by LedgerX, ordinary investors can already bet on bitcoin prices to rise to $100,000. LedgerX recently announced a call option, and buyers are betting that bitcoin prices will exceed $100,000 by December 2020. This means that the price of Bitcoin needs to be 10 times higher than the current […]

BTC accelerates, and whether the altcoin should be cleared

Since entering June, the price of BTC has reached a new high every few days. However, most of the competition coins and altcoins in the market have not outperformed the BTC, which caused some investors to have some doubts and even anxiety. I have asked: The arrival of the bull market, there are a lot […]

What will happen to Bitcoin in the next financial crisis?

The financial crisis is one of the most influential and most affected crises in the world today. It has far-reaching effects and brings long-term pains that are difficult to heal. Every crisis is a major collapse of assets. Economic collapse, corporate bankruptcy, unemployment, etc. The public is incapable. What the public can do is how […]

Spam attack? Bitcoin average block size suddenly soared to more than 3MB

The blockchain verification platform VeriBlock completed nearly 25% of online bitcoin (BTC) transactions within 24 hours of July 14, the company confirmed on social media. VeriBlock used its own "Proof-of-Proof" protocol to verify the blockchain using Bitcoin's computing power, and launched the main network implementation in March. The service allows miners to compete for block […]

Bitcoin fell more than 10% on the day. Digital currency went "downhill"

The development of digital currency is eye-catching, not only in the recent Facebook Libra project, but also in the Bitcoin roller coaster market. In the morning of July 15, bitcoin prices fell below $10,000, and the biggest drop in the 24-hour period was more than 10%. As of press time, according to CoinMarketCap data, Bitcoin […]

Libra coins accepted a US Congress hearing this week, bitcoin plunged 12% and fell below $10,000

In fact, in this round of adjustment, the decline of other mainstream digital currencies except Bitcoin is more obvious. Among them, Ethereum (ETH) fell by about 40% in the past week, and now reported 221.20 US dollars, the single-day drop is 17.28%; the grapefruit (EOS) fell more than 30% this week, is now reported 4.23 […]

The market reminder is fulfilled again. Where is the bitcoin going to fall?

From a macro perspective, last night's Fed Chairman Powell expressed the dovish voice when he made a half-year economic policy statement in Congress. The market is expected to resume interest rate cuts, after which the dollar fell and non-US currency pairs rebounded. However, Bitcoin did not show a corresponding increase, but it fell, making people […]

Why is Bitcoin a belief?

If you want the openness, openness and inclusiveness of the Internet, and you want everyone's freedom to be enslaved, privacy is not sneaked, property is not captured, is there any way to do it? Have! Internet encrypted communication, also known as encryption technology. Encrypted communication, old and old! In the Greek and Persian wars two […]