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Taking history as a mirror, the altcoin season is coming again?

Original source: ambcrypto Compilation: Shallot Blockchain As the price of Bitcoin briefly broke through the critical $ 10,000 again last week, cryptocurrencies have once again become the focus of global attention, and altcoin has also rebounded strongly. The term “altcoin season” appears more frequently than expected. Investors are eagerly waiting for another altcoin season to […]

Babbitt column | "cottage coin" killed by a stick

I. Introduction I read the article of lightning Huang Shiliang two days ago. The article is very interesting. The title is "Why should I study the "cottage" coin", which mentions a deed, that is, he spent 10,000 yuan to buy 100 kinds of altcoins, each A cottage currency bought 100 yuan, the purpose is to […]

Opinion | Bitcoin is enough, why do you need other coins?

After staying in the domestic currency circle for a long time, you will have the illusion that all the items in the currency circle will be issued to the final destination. Even if it is a wallet, market software, media platform, etc. that have nothing to do with the currency, it seems to be going […]

The first anniversary of the blockchain winter, I took the zero coin

As bitcoin prices return to $10,000, expectations for the bull market are getting stronger and stronger, and the industry seems to be getting busy again. The community that has been in the bear market for a long time has been shaken up. However, the topic they frequently discuss is not whoever gets the hundred times […]

How to understand the market cycle of cryptocurrency

Foreword: This paper analyzes the possible correlation between Bitcoin and other token assets in the encryption market. When the market is in different cycles, the tokens have different effects. For example, bitcoin has a significant blood-sucking effect when it exhibits parabolic growth. This article helps us understand some of the changes in the price of […]