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This "throughput" bitcoin machine has an annualized income of 250%, which is all over the world and troublesome

Only $ 50 on hand wants to buy bitcoin and does not want to register for an exchange account; I only want to bring a mobile phone when traveling abroad, no matter which country I go to, I can get the local legal currency … These seemingly unrealistic ideas are being completed by a magic […]

The US Internal Revenue Service finally started on the Bitcoin ATM machine.

John Fort, head of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) criminal investigation, said the regulator is investigating possible tax issues with Bitcoin ATMs and self-service terminals. According to a report by Bloomberg on November 15, Fort said the IRS is working with law enforcement to investigate the illegal use of new technologies such as cryptocurrency […]

You can buy Bitcoin in a cardboard box. You can do this simple DIY.

It looks rough – but this carton is the prototype of an ATM machine that can be turned into “Satoshi” (the smallest unit of bitcoin) in a matter of seconds through Bitcoin's expansion scheme Lightning Network. This machine can recognize up to six currencies. The user can insert the coin into the machine and press […]

More than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs operated by LibertyX in the United States

   According to a statement released on Wednesday, LibertyX, the company that launched the first bitcoin ATM in the US, will expand its business to 90 retail outlets including Arizona and Nevada. Through this initiative, LibertyX now operates more than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs throughout the United States. The latest additions include AMPM, ARCO and Chevron […]

Trading cryptocurrencies on ATM machines, this feature will be available in the next 170,000 machines

Coinsquare, the Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that it has acquired a controlling stake in the eight-digit financial technology software maker Just Cash. The acquisition will enable the company to introduce cryptocurrency transactions on traditional US non-bank ATMs (referring to ATMs that operate on non-banks and only offer withdrawals but cannot deposit). Just Cash has […]

Can Bitcoin ATM machines also use lightning networks? Anyway, this developer has done it.

Developer Felix Weis successfully executed the world's first ATM bitcoin transaction on the Lightning Network. Weis publicly demonstrated on the Lightning Hackday in Hong Kong trading on a Bitcoin ATM via Lightning Network. Subsequently, Weis stated: This is just a proof of concept and can recharge your channel. Although there are many bugs, it works […]