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Bitcoin Exotic 8Q: Why was block 620826 born 1 second earlier than block 620825?

Write in front: Regarding Bitcoin, we sometimes encounter technical problems that are difficult to understand, such as "new blocks are born 1 second earlier than the old blocks", "whatever the size of the full node is different at the same time" and other strange phenomena. For these problems, we need to Ask professional developers for […]

Bitcoin welcomes new technology update, Core developers teach you how to verify the client

"Don't Trust, Verify!" Today, Bitcoin has ushered in new progress. Core developer Luke Dashjr announced the release of the Knos 0.19.1.knots20200304 client. ( Note: Bitcoin Knots is a derivative client of Bitcoin Core, which has some functions not yet implemented by Bitcoin Core. This code base is mainly maintained by Luke Dashjr ) Regarding the […]

Opinion and interpretation: the differences between Jiang Zhuoer and Bitcoin Core

❖Write ahead ❖ Jiang Zhuoer published an article today "Why Core Persistently Trying to Add BTC? " This article has written a lot of things and is very professional. TVB strives for popular interpretation, and by the way expresses its own views.   ❖Related Interest Groups ❖ ➤ Bitcoin Core According to the description of […]

How to become a Bitcoin Core contributor? The most complete Bitcoin developer guide is here

Written in front: The author of this article is Amiti Uttarwar, a Bitcoin Core developer, works at Xapo, and was a software engineer at Coinbase. Based on her own experience, she shared cheats for contributing to Bitcoin in the article, which contains a lot of learning materials, and is full of dry goods, which is […]

How does Xiaobai understand the bitcoin network improvement protocol Erlay?

Foreword: Previously, the translator translated and introduced the bitcoin network improvement protocol Erlay proposed by Pieter Wuille and Gregory Maxwell, but it is difficult to understand because the article is aimed at technical readers. In response, Sam Wouters has written a more easy-to-understand science article to make more people aware of the positive impact of […]

Academic orientation makes Bitcoin more secure, how does the Erlay protocol save 84% of the bandwidth of the node?

As the forerunner of the blockchain world, Bitcoin has suffered numerous attacks in 10 years. Because of this, the protocol that constitutes Bitcoin must adapt to the development of the network to ensure the security of the network. The security of a bitcoin network depends on the connections between the nodes. Higher connectivity leads to […]