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A week in review: Bitcoin is close to $ 10,000, can the bull market be far behind?

In the past week, bitcoin, the highest-valued cryptocurrency, has continued to rise close to $ 10,000, continuing its upward momentum since 2020. Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency markets have seen significant upward momentum this week. Bitcoin rose from $ 9,300 on Monday to around $ 9,800 on Friday, and according to this trend, it is likely to break […]

Despite bank ban, cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay reopens in India

It has been reported that the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay was severely beaten by the Central Bank of India, causing the exchange to return to the Indian market more than a year after the country closed. The IBS Intelligence Agency quoted the "Report" on January 29 as saying that after Zebpay ceased service in India […]

Founded for nearly 8 years, the Blockchain wallet company, this time and the currency, Coinbase died?

Blockchain , one of the oldest (founded in 2011) companies in the bitcoin industry, has just launched its own trading platform, The PIT , which, according to the introduction, will be an institutional-level cryptocurrency trading platform that will also cater to Retail market. According to Nicole Sherrod, the product owner, the hosted exchange can connect […]

In-depth talk about the logic of buying platform coins

In fact, I have been recommending platform coins since the beginning of this year. Compared with the huge uncertainty of mainstream currencies, platform coins are more secure for ordinary users. (Of course, these positions and bitcoins are to be separated). Let me want to write this article because I saw a report: Platform currency's performance […]

US regulation overweight, three major exchanges in a month set limits for US users

Text | Freesia Editor | Tong Source | PANews US regulation is tightening again US regulation has once again tightened, and three large digital currency exchanges have imposed restrictions on serving US users within a month. On June 14th, Beijing time, the company announced that it will continue to conduct compliance checks on user accounts. […]

Is the exchange supporting the lightning network driven by the general trend? Zebpay announced that it will pay LN transaction fees for users

On March 29th, Zebpay, the original cryptocurrency exchange and wallet in India, announced that Lightning Network Payments was enabled for all its users. It is worth mentioning that Zebpay also claimed that it would pay the relevant transaction fees for users. Lightning network is unstoppable Although the lightning network is still very experimental, its growth […]