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How does the financial model explain the price movement of Bitcoin after halving?

Bitcoin is halved every four years. At present, the miner's reward is 12.5 bitcoins, and the block reward obtained by the miner will be halved. The next halving will soon occur in May 2020. After the first halving in November 2012, it coincided with a sharp rise in Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin has risen […]

Bitcoin continues to fall, halved or unable to return to the sky?

Bitcoin mining rewards are about to be halved, which has been considered a bitcoin bullish event. As the halving reduces Bitcoin's inflation rate, this will cause Bitcoin's transaction price to rise. This fact is supported by the halvings that have occurred. However, it is important to note that although some analysts said that "the short-term […]

Viewpoint | Reveal the truth of Bitcoin's "halving market", will history really repeat itself?

Source of this article: Financial Author: Cheng Zhipeng The expectation of "halving the market" originates first from an economic basis. In microeconomics, based on the premise of a rational person, it is believed that market supply and demand are the direct factors that determine market prices. Market prices are positively related to demand and negatively […]

Only less than 10,000 blocks left! Will the Bitcoin halving effect come as expected?

It is more than two months before Bitcoin halves, and the price of Bitcoin is still struggling below $ 9,000. Will halving the price really affect the price of Bitcoin? (Image source: pxhere ) Let's briefly understand the halving first Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song stated on Twitter that there are currently less than 10,000 blocks […]

"Half" and "Fed rate cut", the two big exams Bitcoin faces

According to statistics from, Bitcoin has about 67 days to go before its third production halving in history, and the number of remaining blocks is 9901. In addition, before the "halving" occurred, "the Fed unconventional interest rate cuts" The incident also aroused the attention of many people. Although the bitcoin market has fallen recently, […]

What exactly is Bitcoin, money, currency or value storage?

As the third halving of bitcoin is approaching, people's attention to it has been increasing. In fact, over time, the scarcity of Bitcoin will continue to make it an increasingly attractive asset for investors. So, as Bitcoin continues to move closer to the mainstream world, how do we view it? In other words, here is […]

Is the halving market over? "Wolf Coming" staged again

A few days ago, I said that there must be monsters in A shares. Sure enough, these days, the friends who shouted for a bull market to buy funds have lost their sand sculptures. I usually like to shake the vibrato. In the past few days, I often get videos showing off the fund's income. […]

Economics of halving: what will happen to the price of Bitcoin?

Author: Dominik Stroukal Compilation: Share Finance Neo Bitcoin is approaching $ 10,000 again, and of course you want to know what will happen next. 2020 is a special year for Bitcoin in many ways, one of which is halving. The next halving is expected to happen on May 12, 2020, so let's take a closer […]

Debate: Will halving Bitcoin lead to higher transaction fees?

Around mid-May 2020, Bitcoin mining rewards will be halved. This monetary policy, called "halving," is hard-coded into Bitcoin's agreement and occurs about every four years. This situation will continue until 2040, the year when the last batch of Bitcoin was mined. It can be seen from past experience that the halving of bitcoin is related […]

How much can the highest price reach before Bitcoin is halved? This is the answer we collected

Source: Zhimin University Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. In order to relieve everyone ’s frustration and add strength, on the occasion of this year ’s Lantern Festival, Zhikuang University has launched a “Guess the Coin Price and Make the Lantern Festival” event on Weibo: It is predicted […]