Articles of Bitcoin in India

Should India ban cryptocurrencies? Some officials resigned and the central bank was even charged

The Supreme Court of India finally heard the case of cryptocurrency today, after it has been postponed several times. The trial involved the government's cryptocurrency policy and the petition to challenge the central bank's cryptocurrency business ban. The latter listened to some details, and the former was further postponed at the request of the government. […]

Indian government organizations recommend a total ban on bitcoin, or will affect legislation

The Ministerial Committee (IMC), established to investigate Indian bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulations, said the government should ban virtual currency. In a report submitted on Monday, the IMC recommended that the government completely ban Bitcoin. The report is excerpted as follows: “As for private cryptocurrencies, the Committee recommends against the use of cryptocurrencies in India and […]

India is out, where is Libra's main battlefield to choose?

About three years ago, India rejected Facebook’s offer to offer free Internet services to its citizens, calling it “digital colonialism.” Today, the social media giant's cryptocurrency project Libra may have suffered the same fate in Asia's third-largest economy. Earlier, it was reported that India would be Libra's preferred distribution market. According to Bloomberg News, Indian […]

Behind the closure of India's largest exchange: the founder tells the difficult living environment

Koinex, India's largest cryptocurrency exchange, today announced the closure of the station, which will stop all trading services at 5 pm Beijing time. Koinex co-founder and CEO Rahul Raj published the news in an article. In his article, he pointed out that the early ban on financial institutions from providing financial services to cryptocurrency companies […]

Opinion: The regulation of the Indian market will eventually become the fuel for the bitcoin bull market

When you see Bitcoin suddenly plummet, your first reaction is to go online to find various clues. And today's market without warning signs seems to be aimed at the regulation of the Indian market. According to foreign media reports, India's cryptocurrency exchange Koinex announced today that it is shutting down operations on the grounds that […]

Bitcoin in India: the premium is over $600, the more banned the more "crazy"

On the Bitcoin trading platform Bitbns, the price of Bitcoin is 7,97,963.41 Indian rupees (INR), which is about $11481.4218. Bitbns is one of the few cryptocurrency trading platforms in India that can still buy and sell Bitcoin. (Bitbns bitcoin price, image source: Bitbns ) As of press time, the average price of Bitcoin is about […]

Indian regulators have procrastination? The cryptocurrency ban has not been lifted, and the people took to the streets four times to protest

In recent times, blockchain supporters in India have held a series of rally, and the fourth event held in Bangalore on March 30 was the largest one, which had a major public impact because many developers were involved – They are the key to the development of the Indian blockchain. Earlier this month, thousands of […]