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Koreans don't love Bitcoin anymore? Trading volume of the two major exchanges fell by nearly 70%

The trading volume of UPbit and Bithumb, the two crypto exchanges with the largest daily trading volume in South Korea, have fallen by 70% and 63% respectively since 2018. According to an electronic announcement by the Korean Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), the annual profit of UPbit's parent company Dunamu fell 93% year-on-year to $ 7.4 […]

Facebook Hearing Record | Mark Zuckerberg is determined: for compliance, will not rule out the Libra Association

At 10 pm on October 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attended a hearing from the US House Financial Services Committee to study the impact of Facebook's financial services sector. Zuckerberg’s testimony was made public before the hearing. Zuckerberg promised that Libra will not be released without the approval of US regulators. In addition, he also […]

Uncontrollable burden, Circle will transfer the exchange business overseas

As US congressmen and finance ministers consider strict regulation of cryptocurrencies, Circle has packed up and moved to Bermuda overseas. Circle avoids regulatory pressure As regulatory pressures on cryptocurrency companies continue to strengthen, Circle announced that it will transfer almost all its trading operations overseas. Earlier today, Circle announced the news after obtaining a commercial […]

Trump secretly Powell: No one knows digital currency better than I do.

Two years ago, US President Trump announced Powell as the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the Rose Garden outside the White House and said that he chose Powell because "he is strong, very determined, very smart"; two years later, Trump accused Powell, gun The Fed seems to have become a commonplace thing. All of […]

Bank of Korea strengthens monitoring of anonymous transactions in cryptocurrencies or related to new FATF regulations

According to local media reports in South Korea, South Korea's second-largest financial group, Shinhan Bank, plans to impose stricter regulations on cryptocurrency users' accounts, with the goal of completely abolishing anonymous cryptocurrency transactions in Korea. . According to reports, the bank will take “special measures” and assign specialists to analyze exchange accounts and check transactions. […]

After many times of theft, the Korean exchange Bithumb lost $180 million last year.

Bithumb, the South Korean exchange that was attacked again last month, announced that it lost $180 million in 2018. According to local media reports, the exchange was suffering from the decline in trading volume and the cryptocurrency bear market effect. However, Bithumb said that its operating conditions have improved in recent times: Trading volume has […]