Articles of Bitcoin Miners

What miners should know: How do mining companies insist on bulls and bears?

Co-sponsored by Canaan , PayPal Finance and Youkuine YOUMine, with special support from Nova Club and Veryhash , Babbitt as a strategic cooperation media of the Hundred Regiments War Mining Summit . The halving ended on the evening of March 31 . The Great War · Mining Summit halved the wonderful core dry goods of […]

Opinion: Bitcoin mining main force is shifting from China to the US and Canada

Source: Netease Technology Compilation: Tianmen Mountain According to foreign media reports, on Tuesday local time, Grayscale Investments, the world's largest cryptocurrency asset management company, said that bitcoin production is shifting from China, which dominates digital coin mining, to North America. Barry Silbert, founder of New York-based Grayscale Investments, conducted such an analysis to investors online, […]

The miners began to surrender, how will the bitcoin market react?

If you are a currency friend who often focuses on encrypted information on Twitter, you should have seen the topic of "miners surrender" not long ago. At the end of August this year, the popular analyst on the Twitter, PlanB, said that after every bitcoin price drop, many miners could not make a profit. The […]

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the life cycle of a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain

Since the birth of Bitcoin, its intricate concept has been the content that many users in the field of encryption are trying to understand. Andreas Antonopoulos, the bitcoin evangelist and author of Mastering Bitcoin, explains in his latest video the entire life cycle of a wallet transaction from start to finish. Antonopoulos pointed out that […]