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Bitcoin plunges in "mine circle" ecological survey, more than 40 mainstream miners hit "shutdown price"

Source: Securities Daily Reporter: Xing Meng For the Bitcoin industry chain, mid-March is the most "dark" period in recent years when people's "faith" is facing collapse. In the course of the global capital market shock, the myth of Bitcoin's "hedging assets" also lapsed, plunging from nearly $ 8,000 on March 12 to the $ 4,000 […]

Science | Three Principles of Bitcoin Mining: A Brief History of Cryptography, Hardware Knowledge, and Development

This article is the second of three series in Bitcoin mining. View previous article: Popular Science | Three Business Models of Bitcoin Mining, Logic of a Chicken Farm Three articles in Bitcoin mining (2 ): a brief history of hardware knowledge and development of cryptographic principles Author: village two old Previous Article The business model […]

The miners' giants are listed: the road to transformation is long and long

According to the media on July 31, the world's second-largest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan Zhizhi reportedly submitted a listing application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), raising funds of 200 million US dollars. This also means that Jianan Zhizhi has become the first “mineral giant” to officially go to the US […]

Big Competing Mining Machine Battle: Bull Market Saving Mine

As the price of the currency rises and the water comes, with the increasing difficulty of the calculation, the large-scale mining machine is increasingly sought after by miners and mining machine sellers. Shenma M20S 68T futures in September is about 14,856 yuan, November futures are about 19,521 yuan, an increase of 31.45%. The price of […]

The most legendary bitcoin mining machine: once the moon landing hero

Bitcoin mining machine that has been on the moon Ken Shirriff is a passionate person who comes from the repair of old computer hardware. In his latest project, Shirriff got a guidance computer from the Apollo space mission and then got it working again; in his opinion, this is the only viable example. This computer […]

Billion International Hong Kong failed to list: a new round of bitcoin rose failed to rescue the third largest miner

Source: IPO knows the original title: "Establishment of the Hong Kong listing in Hong Kong: a new round of bitcoin failed to rescue the third largest miner" According to the IPO, the prospectus submitted by Yibang International on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been shown to be invalid , which means that the second […]

Bitcoin mining machine iteration: an "arms race" triggered by a 7nm chip

Since the second half of 2018, 7nm chips have been mass-produced under the continuous promotion of chip manufacturing processes such as TSMC and other global chip companies. Almost at the same time, the Bitcoin mining machine with the 7nm chip was put on the market, and its performance has been improved in all directions. The […]

Surface cloud computing server, behind the bitcoin mining machine? A-share company sells mining machine

A bizarre asset cutting and selling is triggering the curiosity of the currency circle for the Huatie Technology cloud computing server leasing business. Various clues seem to imply that China Railway Technology is the largest bitcoin mining giant in the A-share market. But there is no clear proof of this, just the speculation of the […]