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About bitcoin mining, things you don’t know

According to the basic algorithm of Bitcoin, Bitcoin generates 1 block every 10 minutes, and there are N bitcoins in each block as compensation (the number of N is explained below). This block contains all the last 10 minutes. Bitcoin transaction information. The process of making bitcoin is called "mining". In the process, the computer […]

After approving cryptocurrency mining, will Iran become a global “mining paradise”?

Iran, which has always been harsh on cryptocurrencies, has suddenly changed its attitude. On July 22, the Iranian Chamber of Industry, Mining and Agriculture announced that the Iranian Government Economic Committee had approved the establishment of a cryptocurrency mining mechanism. Some people believe that following the mine disaster last year, this new policy will make […]

Video|"8" CEO solemn: the trouble of the number one player

Solemn, CEO, industry senior technical expert. During his Ph.D. degree at the University of Science and Technology of China, he went to Yale University in the United States as a visiting scholar. Zhuang Zhong joined BitChina in 2015 and is currently leading to explore more blockchain related products and services. In 2011, Zhuang […]

Is the power of the mine pool too big? Bitcoin should probably use the BetterHash protocol.

Note: The original title is "Betterhash: Using New Hash Protocol, Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining With New Hashing Protocols" by StopAndDecrypt. The following is a translation: Introduction BetterHash is an alternative mining protocol currently being developed by Bitcoin developers. When it is completed, there will be enough miners willing to use this agreement to switch to a […]

Can US idle home appliances provide years of energy for Bitcoin? Cambridge University Innovation BTC Mining Index

The issue of energy consumption in the Bitcoin network has long been the focus of debate among loyal supporters and critics. Digiconomist's data is the most cited, saying that if Bitcoin is a country, the network consumes the same amount of energy per year as Colombia, making it the 42nd largest energy consumer in the […]

German experts: Bitcoin is a major carbon emitter, mining energy consumption far exceeds that of large European cities.

Bitcoin is a virtual product of computer networks Christian Stoll, a researcher at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), said: "In order to improve the ecological balance, there may be more Bitcoin 'mines' linked to renewable energy." However, even if you don't use Bitcoin, a search on Google will consume 0.3 watt-hours. In other words, […]

The power plant harvested miners army: the bull market rose freely, the miners were forced to sell the mine

On June 22, after more than a year of silence, Bitcoin once again stood at the $10,000 mark. The rise in the price of coins and the arrival of the Sichuan Fengshui period have made “mining” once again the first choice for many new players to enter the currency circle. However, in the grotesque mining […]

Billion International Hong Kong failed to list: a new round of bitcoin rose failed to rescue the third largest miner

Source: IPO knows the original title: "Establishment of the Hong Kong listing in Hong Kong: a new round of bitcoin failed to rescue the third largest miner" According to the IPO, the prospectus submitted by Yibang International on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been shown to be invalid , which means that the second […]

Cost, market battle: a text to understand the true truth of the mining circle

After the development of the past ten years, the main body involved in mining has changed from a dispersed miner to a mining pool with concentrated decentralized power. The unit that constitutes the industry ecology has also been enriched from miners to mining machine manufacturers, chip manufacturers, mining machine custody institutions, etc. The evolution of […]

Will Belarus be the first country to use nuclear power for bitcoin mining?

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu In the long bear market of the past year, cryptocurrency mining has lost some of its profitability. However, not all investors are short-sighted. For example, Belarus did not abandon its intention to develop the digital economy, which is part of the digital economy. Minsk (the capital of Belarus) believes […]