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Viewpoint | How will bitcoin prices react when US companies reopen?

Once companies across the United States reopen, traders will weigh Bitcoin's future price movements. Like most countries in the world, the United States has closed most non-essential businesses and ordered citizens to stay at home to curb the spread of new coronary pneumonia. When the US government agency reopens the country, the price of bitcoin […]

Institutional investors boost Bitcoin to $ 7,000

Text | Ask Edit | Wen Dao Before the end of the small holiday, Bitcoin broke through $ 7,000, which was the price at the beginning of this year. After "3 · 12" BTC was cut back and back, the $ 7,000 was a big boost for the market. Statistics show that the large-scale BTC […]

Prediction | Data show that the probability of BTC breaking 10,000 by June is only 16%

As Bitcoin continues to fluctuate significantly, people also tend to look for more reliable "value discovery" logic from many interpretations. As a data-based research institution, Arcane Research also analyzed the "recovery situation" of Bitcoin since the "March 12" plunge from the aspects of macroeconomics, transactions, and on-chain data, and also sought out the next one. […]

QKL123 data analysis | Bitcoin's energy consumption is amazing, and its energy consumption valuation exceeds 10,000 USD / BTC

Summary: Power consumption indicators show that Bitcoin's power consumption is doubling every year, and the current energy consumption is equivalent to that of Romania or the Czech Republic. The estimation model based on energy consumption estimates that the current Bitcoin price is at a severely underestimated level. Proof-of-work (POW) -based crypto asset projects often require […]

Data show that recent bitcoin selling has been driven by short-term holders, and BitMEX has become a major slaughterhouse

Note: The original author is the team of Nate Maddrey and Coin Metrics. The following is the translation: On March 12th, due to concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic, Bitcoin suffered its biggest one-day drop in 13 years, and most mainstream crypto assets were brutally washed. BTC & S & P correlation coefficient hits record high […]

Oil price avalanche! Bitcoin plunges $ 800, or will the black swan continue?

Beijing, March 9th, due to the unsuccessful negotiations between the new crown epidemic and the oil country, the global economy was hit hard again. In overnight trading on Sunday, US stock index futures fell sharply. At the same time, the Middle East stock market plummeted and international oil prices Then there was an avalanche. Brent […]

Analyst: New coronavirus will drive Bitcoin price to $ 100,000 by 2020

According to Cointelegraph, the famous Bitcoin supporter Max Keizer made two predictions on March 5: 1. Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000. 2. Jamie Dimon will beg the Fed for bitcoin. Keiser said in his latest Keiser Report that 2020 is the "second chapter" of the 2008 financial crisis, and that global panic will have a […]

The halving market disappeared and the risk aversion property became empty, and there was only one Bitcoin price support

1, No one expected that the long-awaited halving of the market turned out to be a weapon for market makers to manipulate the market, and the market maker already has a very handy tool: contracts. When the market sentiment is high, the dealer does not even need to pull the disk and then harvest, as […]

Bitcoin fell below $ 8,600 overnight, and the entire network exceeded $ 879 million

February 27th news, the Bitcoin ETF application submitted by Wilshire Phoenix was formally rejected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), citing that market manipulation issues continue and the lack of a regulatory sharing agreement has affected encryption. The money market has suffered another bloodbath. According to data provided by, bitcoin price once […]

Jincha failed? Analysts say Bitcoin will continue to rise after price correction

In the past few days, many people have talked on social media about the technical fork of Bitcoin forming a golden fork. The scallion article mentioned earlier that the cross formed by the 50-day moving average crossing the 200-day moving average is a very important technical indicator, indicating that a bull market trend is forming. […]