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Babbitt Original | In the era of digital currency, memories and future reflected by a wallet

"Digital currency will become a parallel system of the fiat currency system and cannot be an alternative." –Zhu Chen, Currency Scholar, August 2018 In an era where the fiat currency and the digital currency system are parallel, the wallet is a familiar and unfamiliar "partner" to us. In the traditional fiat currency system , payment […]

Popular Science | Blockchain Wallet: From Entry to Mastery

Author / Source: tokenbankteam Editor's note: The original title was "Blockchain Wallet from Entry to Mastery". This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author.     Blockchain wallet development history Speaking of digital currencies, digital currency wallets are inseparable. Bitcoin has been born for 10 years, and the blockchain has […]

2.8% bitcoin wallet address control 95% supply? The five reasons tell you that this conclusion is right.

Tell you a shocking fact: Bitcoin's wealth distribution is extremely uneven. According to statistics, 2.8% of the Bitcoin wallet address controls the supply of Bitcoin by 95%. At first glance, the bitcoin community's wealth distribution seems to be more uneven than the US (the top 10% of citizens have more than 75% of the wealth) […]

How to hide our privacy with Bitcoin wallet?

Although in theory, bitcoin can be used to obtain relatively high privacy rights, if everyone needs to obtain such a high degree of privacy, there is still a long way to go in terms of user convenience. For most users who don't have the Linux command line, they are not interested or able to run […]