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Re-understanding Bitcoin: 8 answers to Satoshi Nakamoto's wisdom

Source: Lianwen , original title "Understanding Bitcoin White Paper: The Longest Way, Perhaps the Fastest Way" Written by: Li Hua, Acknowledgements: Wu Weilong Refocus on the Bitcoin white paper, and include 8 Satoshi Nakamoto questions that still radiate wisdom today. Satoshi Nakamoto believes that the Bitcoin system should have such characteristics: once the 0.1 version […]

Bitcoin White Paper 11th Anniversary! The cumulative fee scale officially exceeded $1 billion

Today, the bitcoin white paper written by the mysterious character Satoshi Nakamoto is 11 years old. That is to say, 11 years ago today, Nakamoto published the first public-facing document, outlining A decentralized ledger and currency system he called "bitcoin." Coincidentally, on the same day, the Bitcoin blockchain reached an important milestone. According to Yassin […]

Bitcoin white paper copyright is registered, the real trouble has just begun

CSW (Craig Wright) began a series of chain reactions to the copyright registration of the Bitcoin white paper. On May 28, Scribd, the website that provided the file download service, notified CoinDesk that it had removed the Nakamoto white paper uploaded by the media. "This is a notice that Scribd's BookID copyright protection system has […]

Has Aoben got the BTC white paper and code copyright? No, Babbitt reveals the truth for you.

According to Coingeek's report on the evening of May 21, Craig S. Wright has obtained the US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original Bitcoin code (version 0.1). The registration document issued by the US Copyright Office acknowledges that Ozon is the author of the white paper and code. […]