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Market analysis: The resistance above BTC is large, waiting patiently for admission

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team

Babbitt Column | Bitcoin has experienced two extreme quotations in half a year. What do they have in common?

Within a short period of half a year, the blockchain industry has experienced two extreme quotations. The first time was on the evening of September 25, 2019. Bitcoin fell by more than 20% within 24 hours. Some small and medium-sized market values ​​fell by as much as 50%. The incident occurred late at night. The […]

Former CFTC Chairman: Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper does not include concepts aimed at breaking away from government or regulatory networks

Over the years, Bitcoin has indeed established a rebellious or unruly image, but the famous "crypto dad", former Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Christopher Giancarlo, has something else to say Say. Christopher Giancarlo, who previously served as the thirteenth chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), believes that Satoshi […]

Coins Story | Do you still love Bitcoin after the plunge?

Editor's note: The original title was "Do you still love Bitcoin after the crash?" | Cobo User Special》 Breeze, Beijing, March 12, 2020. I work remotely from home and do ordinary work, thinking that this is the most ordinary day in my life. What happened next transcended almost all my experiences and imaginations. In the […]

QKL123 market analysis | Crude oil broke $ 20 in the intraday market, the smoke-free smoke war spread to the capital market (0331)

Abstract: Today the broader market has rebounded, and the overall trend is still converging. Saudi Arabia did not buy OPEC and the US account, crude oil fell below $ 20 intraday. The chain crisis under the oil price war is likely to affect the global capital markets. At 10:30 today, the 8BTCCI broad market index […]

In the era of banknote printing, where are the opportunities for Bitcoin?

Compilation: Masaka Source: Block Impression Foreword: Over the past 10 years, the Federal Reserve has injected a lot of cheap credit and funds into the market. Although the US economy has grown rapidly during this period, in the long run, this artificially extended business cycle will bring disaster. Today, the Federal Reserve can no longer […]

Market analysis: the market rebound can be weak, do not chase up

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team

Economist Lang Xianping talks about the blockchain industry under the epidemic: stripping of currency attributes, blockchain rebirth

Text: Lang Xianping Source: People's Digital Fintech Editor's Note: The original title was "Professional Perspectives | Stripping Currency Attributes, Rebirth of Blockchain Nirvana-Blockchain Industry in Epidemic" Beginning on February 20, the global capital market opened a plunge mode, and has now entered a technical bear market. US stocks have blown 4 times in 10 days, […]

Analysis | Analysis of "Black Thursday" from the perspective of the order book, revealing the mechanism of the Bitcoin price collapse

This article Source: encryption Valley Live Author: Clara Medalie, Anastasia Melachrinos Translation: Ziming On March 12, selling pressure finally overwhelmed the order book, causing heavy losses for buyers and sellers. In this report, we show how the "black Thursday" price plunge has led to a reduction in the depth of the digital currency order book. […]

Viewpoint | VR is a once-in-a-year event, Blockchain is a once-in-a-year event

Author: Orange Book , the original title "in ten years or a hundred years | prophet Weekly # 67" Last week Valve officially released Half-Life 3: Alyx. I'm not a half-life fan, so I can't quite appreciate the ecstasy they cheered when V company finally counted 3. But Alyx has another property, the first 3A […]