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Crypto analyst: one bitcoin is enough to save a pension

According to a Bitcoinist report on April 13, more and more analysts are encouraging young people to use the current downturn in the cryptocurrency market to invest in bitcoin for life after retirement. Although this idea is not new, the inflation problem in the traditional financial field makes investing in Bitcoin more attractive. One analyst […]

Market analysis: BTC rebound is still weak, pay attention to the downside risks in the short term

Author | Hash Pie Analysis Team

The anti-epidemic supplies company was fined for returning goods, this pot blockchain does not back!

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China issued a circular that decided to stop the export of anti-epidemic products of the two companies on the grounds that "the two companies were returned by foreign parties due to product quality problems, disrupting the order of export of anti-epidemic products and seriously affecting […]

Gemini co-founder: The new crown virus pandemic will become a historic turning point for Bitcoin

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder and entrepreneur of crypto exchange Gemini, tweeted that the New Crown Virus pandemic will become a historic turning point for Bitcoin. Winklevoss suggested that its Twitter fans continue to hold bitcoin, suggesting that bitcoin will change dramatically in the current situation. His optimism echoes the views of many well-known people in the […]

Featured | What happens if you inherit 55,000 bitcoins?

Satoshi Satoshi's Notes: Feature 5 latest high-quality cryptocurrency articles each time Today's content includes: 1) Humor video: Congratulations on inheriting 55,000 bitcoins 2) Paradigm: a week-long quick review of mainstream stablecoin dynamics, with in-depth reviews of Satoshi Satoshi 3) Grayscale: The next Bitcoin halving 4) Our Network: DeFi star project observation 5) Coinbase: Interpretation of […]

Opinion | When Bitcoin prices plummet in the next few years, gold will "land on the moon"

Original title: "Peter Schiff predicts that when Bitcoin prices plummet, gold will soar" Peter Schiff once again pointed the finger at the crypto community, predicting that when Bitcoin collapses in the next few years, gold will "moon to the moon." The outspoken cryptocurrency skeptic and gold supporter Peter Schiff once again targeted the Bitcoin community […]

Opinion | Monetization of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Who can be the next world currency?

Over the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has undergone major cleansing to eliminate inferior currencies. Most altcoins have collapsed, and historical highs have plummeted by more than 90%. The market value of BTC occupies more than 60% of the total market value, regaining the top spot in the industry. Some people believe that this […]

Babbitt's weekly selection 丨 BCH halving failed to promote the rise, halving effect is exclusive to Bitcoin; DeFi "Big Bang" or coming

BCH and BSV have taken the lead in completing the halving task last week, but there has been no price surge and no mining accidents. Everything seems to be unsurprising. The halving effect expected by investors is not reflected on BCH and BSV, and we can only hope that the halving effect will only apply […]

Introduction to Blockchain | In-depth understanding of Orphan Block: Orphan Block is actually a stale block

Source: First position Editor's Note: The original title was "In-depth understanding of orphan blocks" Although I am fond of Ethereum and Turing's complete blockchain (bitcoin is not), Ethereum is also based on many concepts of bitcoin, so the two are very similar. In this article, let's talk about Bitcoin's "solitary block". In most cases, all […]

Bitcoin Weekly | Although the price of the currency has risen, the data on the chain has not made much waves

From the data of the past week (04.06-04.12), the data on the chain has not changed much from the previous week (03.30-04.05). Although the price of bitcoin has recently increased, it seems that it is more of an action on the floor , Did not cause too much follow-up of external assets. Transaction amount: 03.30-04.05: […]