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Lose user trust? "Black Thursday" has reduced BitMEX bitcoin holdings by nearly 40%

This article Source: Cointelegraph Chinese , Author: MICHAEL KAPILKOV, the original title "from the black since Thursday, BitMex Bitcoin holdings have been lost." Since Black Thursday, BitMex users have raised Bitcoin (BTC) from the exchange. On March 13th, BitMex held 306,814 bitcoins (BTC). By April 9, this number had dropped to 222,025, which meant that […]

BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin's computing power may drop by 30% to 35% after halving, with a target price of US $ 20,000 at the end of the year

Note: The original author is BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, who assessed the impact of the new crown epidemic on the global economy and financial markets, and predicted that after Bitcoin halved, the computing power of the entire network will drop by about 30% -35%, and he The expected price of Bitcoin at the end of […]

Data show that recent bitcoin selling has been driven by short-term holders, and BitMEX has become a major slaughterhouse

Note: The original author is the team of Nate Maddrey and Coin Metrics. The following is the translation: On March 12th, due to concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic, Bitcoin suffered its biggest one-day drop in 13 years, and most mainstream crypto assets were brutally washed. BTC & S & P correlation coefficient hits record high […]

Bitcoin once fell below $ 8,600, and BitMEX's bitcoin settlement exceeded $ 150 million

According to Bitcoinist, Bitmex, the bitcoin exchange with the largest trading volume, today has a bitcoin settlement value of more than $ 150 million, reaching its highest value to date in 2020. Many liquidation positions are high-leverage long banks that are bullish on Bitcoin in half. Traders are feeling the huge pain caused by the […]

BitMEX daily trading volume hit a new low in 2019, and market volatility may come soon

The bitcoin daily trading volume of BitMEX, the world's leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading market, has reached its lowest level in 2019. When the last time the BitMEX exchange recorded such a low position, the price of BTC soared by more than 20% in just two days, thus starting the bull market in 2019. BitMex reduces […]

The agency said that 22,000 BitMEX users' personal information has been published online, will BitMEX face legal proceedings?

Source: Cointelegraph Compile: Bluemountain Labs Editor's Note: The original title is " We may have a small impact on the impact of BitMEX email data leakage." On the first day of November, it was discovered that BitMEX, the popular cryptographic derivatives exchange, accidentally leaked sensitive data related to users because the company failed to properly […]

urgent! BitMEX "accidentally" leaked a large number of user email addresses, please replace them immediately

The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX forgot to use BCC when sending a collective email to the user, accidentally leaking all users' email addresses. The content of this email is the "Index Update Notification" email sent by BitMEX. Many Twitter users (including English, Japanese and other multilingual countries), as well as Xiaobian circle of friends have […]

After the suffering of the 9/25 tragedy, the 10·23 plunge and how many wealth dreams

If the first half of 2019 is a long-term cheer, empty headaches, then the second half is undoubtedly the carnival of the shorts. On September 25th, Bitcoin fell nearly 20%, and only OKEx and BitMEX had billions of dollars in open positions. After the plunge, the bear market seems to be getting heavier and heavier, […]

Good intentions for Bitcoin to celebrate, BitMEX is therefore a pot

The UK Advertising Authority supports complaints about a bitcoin advertisement published in the newspaper by the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX. The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) explained in an article that it objected to an advertisement published on January 3, 2019, which showed the price performance of Bitcoin in graphical form. The article states: “This […]

Regulatory throat, BitMex distress: Can the "king of leverage" survive the crisis?

文|武旭升 Edit|嚯嚯 On August 1, Arthur Hayes, the BitMEX CEO who was suspected to have lost contact for several weeks due to the CFTC investigation, suddenly "appeared." On the personal tweet, a self-portrait in the jungle was released, and the article was called "See you in September." Hayes's tweet did not mention any information about […]