Articles of announces another $ 150 million for Voice to operate independently, with a total investment of $ 300 million, the developer of the EOS blockchain protocol, announced a $ 150 million investment in its social media platform Voice, which was announced in June last year. According to a statement from the company, the investment is said to split Voice into a separate business, separate from A spokesperson said the $ 150 […]

Will the EOS nodes be infighting, which will affect their future development? See what the super nodes say

Yesterday, a news about EOS exploded in the community: EOS New York claims that 6 EOS nodes are controlled by the same node, which is currently the 52nd EOShenzhen node. At present, EOS New York has initiated a proposal to revoke the eligibility of these 6 nodes. In response to this event, the vernacular blockchain […] officially participated in the EOS network upgrade vote, currently holding about $300 million EOS

On November 13, EOSIO software developer released on the official blog " will begin voting for the EOS public blockchain upgrade." will vote to support the EOS public blockchain upgrade. At the same time, we will openly participate in community dialogues and share and comment on ideas and suggestions that we believe can […]

$150 million is not given in white, considers charging "inflation tax" on Voice. is getting worse. When the company announced its Facebook alternative, a social media platform called Voice, it said it would create a second-level cryptocurrency, Voice, which runs on the EOS main web. But it is reported that the company with billions of dollars in assets will spend $150 million to create the platform. The […]

What happened to Babbitt’s short EOS conference? EOSIO2.0+YubiKey+Voice

On June 2, 2019, held a press conference in Washington, DC. The event attracted more than 300 industry leaders, developers, investors, media, community representatives, etc., and Babbitt was also invited to the site. has released three new products and one update. The three new products are: Coinbase Earn , an EOS education project […]

Twitter featured: Block.One founder said not to expect too much EOS

01 Mai coffee talks about the difference between bitcoin and gold Well-known cryptocurrency investor Mai Coffee: What is the difference between gold and bitcoin? Gold is a commodity that takes up space, with quality, temperature and shape. Bitcoin is an idea, expressed through a series of numbers, without real position or matter – a clever […]

Tens of millions of EOS have been unlocked, and the price of the currency has not fallen, but what is it?

Around the early morning of May 28, EOS project (hereinafter referred to as B1) unlocked 9.8 million EOS, close to 10 million. The original market circulation increased, which will lead to serious EOS selling pressure and price decline. Played a glove road, so that the price rose instead. As of the deadline for publication, […]

66 times the income! is not afraid of huge amounts of money to buy back shares, is the SEC going to shoot?

According to a press release, Galaxy Digital Holding, a cryptocurrency fund founded by billionaire Michael Novogratz, is selling its stake in, making it no longer the actual "" investor". Galaxy Digital accepted the offer to acquire its common stock on May 20. is the development company behind EOS. Image source: pixabay Galaxy Digital […]