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Data behind the seven major production-reducing coins: the average price of coins rose by 143%, and the mining revenue rose by an average of 77%

Source: PANews Recently, the "reduction in production" coins, led by Bitcoin, have risen successively, and the "reduction concept" seems to sound the bull horn. This year's reduction in production mainly includes BTC (hereafter referred to as the original token to refer to the blockchain) and its fork coins BCH, BSV, BTG, BTG, Ethereum's fork coin […]

Getting started with blockchain | Block heights and bookkeeping

In many articles about blockchains, it is often seen that blockchains are bifurcated at a certain block height. So what is the block height, and why is there a fork at a certain block height? Today, Dabai will talk to you about the height of the block. 01 blockchain and bookkeeping Block height, as the […]

Defects of the heaviest chain rule: "The Crown Prince" in the "Public Ancestral Blocks"

In the previous issue of "The Advantages and Hidden Troubles of the Most Heavy Chain Rules," we introduced the strong potential of the heaviest chain rules in shortening the confirmation time. But we also mentioned that when the most heavy chain rule judges whether a block is confirmed, one of the preconditions is that the […]

Spam attack? Bitcoin average block size suddenly soared to more than 3MB

The blockchain verification platform VeriBlock completed nearly 25% of online bitcoin (BTC) transactions within 24 hours of July 14, the company confirmed on social media. VeriBlock used its own "Proof-of-Proof" protocol to verify the blockchain using Bitcoin's computing power, and launched the main network implementation in March. The service allows miners to compete for block […]

Getting started with blockchain | Miners traverse all random numbers, still can't get a positive solution, is the love vow wrong?

In "Why are some blocks not packaged, is the miner forgetting?" In the article, there are readers asking questions: This question is sorted out as follows: Assuming the latest block height is 10,000, it is dug out at 10:00, the miner quickly builds a block with a height of 10,000, and then at 10:05, Dabai […]