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Listed Company Topics | The Way of Huobi Holding

Overview The purpose of this series is to explore the strategic means and development ideas of blockchain companies from various aspects, and take the pioneers in the industry as examples to further explore the judgment of the future of blockchain. Report Huobi Holding Road Today's story originated on August 21, 2018. On that day, Li […]

Blockchain 2B company is hot: the company takes orders madly, employees 996, year-end awards have increased significantly

Text | Ratchet On October 24, 2019, a speech by the national leader made the blockchain industry gasp. No longer an early attempt by individual industries, blockchain has become a common choice for all industries. Relevant companies operating silently in the development of blockchain have also begun to usher in a high light moment. Their […]

What about companies that have left the blockchain industry?

In the period of blockchain boom in late 2017, many companies have entered the blockchain field, and cryptocurrencies are also very popular. No matter how small the company is, everyone wants to divide a piece of cake. Some companies will have no real reason. Blockchains are added to their names. (such as Long Island Iced […]

Former Obama Chief Technology Officer builds blockchain SaaS, which has raised $3.7 million

Offchain Labs, a startup founded by former Obama administration officials, has raised $3.7 million in seed round financing. The round of financing was led by Pantera Capital, including participants such as Compound VC. Offchain Labs co-founder Ed Felten, a professor of computer science at Princeton University and former chief technology officer of the Obama administration, […]