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Skyrocketing 126.97%, Blockchain concept stocks Quartet shareholders reduce cash holdings by nearly 200 million yuan

Author: Chen Source: Financial Network Chain Finance On the afternoon of February 25, Sifang Jingchuang (300468), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, closed down 3.82% and is now reporting at RMB 45.01. But yesterday, Sifang Jingchuang surged 5.33% to a high of 48.85 yuan, and the last time Sifang Jingchuang reached that price […]

Observation | Blockchain concept stocks have now achieved speculative bubble-related business revenue of only 10%

Source: Finance and Economics · Chain Finance Author: Chen At the end of 2019, with a series of favorable policies, the concept of blockchain began to be hot. Many A-share listed companies have begun to announce their blockchain layout. According to public data, within a few days, Oriental Fortune's blockchain concept stock has surged from […]

Analysis of Blockchain Concept Stocks | How Long Can Anni Shares Acquire Hot Spots?

Author: Yu old 8848 Source: Gyro Finance Ani is a large-scale enterprise group mainly engaged in the research and development of business information paper, production and sales of trademarks and trademarks, and comprehensive application services. Since its listing, it has been involved in lottery, Internet of things, blockchain and other businesses through frequent mergers and […]

Blockchain Concepts 2019: restlessness and embarrassment

Original: Hu Tao Source: Chain Catcher In this year's blockchain industry, the turmoil in the cryptocurrency market has continued to stagnate by the end of the year, but for the blockchain concept stocks in the secondary market, they have been widely sought after by investors after being stimulated by turns. The entire industry Experienced at […]

Financial OneAccount listed, involved in the expansion of the number of shares in the blockchain to 10, with a total market value of more than 680 billion

At 23:19 Beijing time on December 13, Financial One Account was officially listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange, with the stock code OCFT, the issue price of $ 10, the opening price of $ 10.51, the current price of $ 10.17, and a total market value of $ 3.649 billion. Financial OneAccount […]

Listed companies issuing coins, what about today? The chairman resigned, the actual controller was arrested, and the currency price was zero …

Text: Ratchet Pizza Source: A blockchain Recently, the announcement of the resignation of the chairman of Yizhi brought the listed company Chenxin Technology to the spotlight again. The company that changed its name three times is a well-known "dark stock" of A shares. It started by selling seafood, and later transformed the game. It also […]

Chinese Blockchain Enterprises Capture US Exchanges?

Interpretation Today Ping An Group, a financial technology subsidiary of Ping An Group, today updated its F-1 prospectus filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Listed. This also means that Financial OneAccount will soon become the first subsidiary of Ping An Group to go public in the United States. It is reported that […]

10 blockchain concept listed companies announced semi-annual report: blockchain technology has become a problem

In recent years, due to the technological advantages of the blockchain in solving the trust problem, many listed companies have explored and researched the blockchain, and have high-profile claims to enter the blockchain field. Some companies have quickly followed up after the transformation of the blockchain, but more companies have not. According to statistics from […]