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27 blockchain companies' performance forecast last year

Source: China Securities Journal Author: Liu Chang As of January 20, 37 blockchain concept listed companies have disclosed 2019 performance forecasts, and more than 70% of the companies are happy. Insiders said that the blockchain has a large-scale application foundation. With the extension of the blockchain to many fields such as government affairs, trade finance, […]

More than 70% of the 58 blockchain companies are happy to report that 13 of them are expected to double their net profit

Source: Securities Daily Trainee reporter Ren Shibi On January 14, 8 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued guidance on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of service outsourcing. By 2035, the average annual output value of China's service outsourcing employees will reach the world's leading level. Support the development of information technology outsourcing. The research […]

106 daily limit! Read this research report and select the "blockchain +" listed company Baima shares

On the evening of last Friday, a Xinhua News Agency detonated the entire blockchain industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the collective study of the political chain blockchain of the CPC Central Committee that the blockchain should be regarded as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. The clear support of the […]

A share observation | inventory blockchain concept stocks, the chairman was arrested can not stop the stock price rise

Source: Deep Chain Finance, the original title "The stock circle is more crazy than the currency circle, the chairman is caught can not stop the stock price rise" Finishing the sins of Sany Editor's door Operating a hundred small stones Because of the country's attention, the blockchain is once again "crazy." The first is bitcoin […]

Babbitt exclusive A-share blockchain concept stocks, the fastest growth rate of these 10

In the previous article , we dismantled the dimensions of the number of times mentioned in the blockchain of 118 blockchain concept stocks. This article is disassembled from financial data. Since there are 66 blockchain concept stocks, 66 have not mentioned the blockchain in the financial report, so in the financial dismantling article of this […]

A-share: Bitcoin prices return to the blockchain sector and then rise to the catalyst

Bitcoin is currently regarded as a safe-haven asset. In the context of uncertainties, bitcoin has risen for five consecutive trading days since last Tuesday, and it has shown an upward trend on the 5th. In addition, the People's Bank of China recently held a video conference for the second half of 2019, which called for […]

Blockchain farce of A-share listed company "Suiying Network"

The real controller was arrested and the blockchain department was “dissolved”. Once the Hurun Rich List was on the list, it is now in a state of paralysis. Three years ago, people were still feeling for Wang Yue to start on the Hurun Rich List. In a blink of an eye, Wang Yue went from […]

Behind the skyrocketing "Easy Shares": the speculation of the blockchain concept earned 200 million yuan in half a year

From the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products to the blockchain + supply chain finance, the easy to see shares are very clear. Editor's note: There are many A-share blockchain concept stocks, but the speculators are scrutinizing and researching their specific business. To this end, the Odaily Planet Daily will launch a series of […]