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Talk about the meaning of "decentralized" applications

In the past few days, the biggest turmoil in the blockchain world is that Youtube has "accidentally deleted" videos about digital currencies. The reason is that YouTube deleted a large number of videos related to digital currencies from December 24th to 25th. Although YouTube has resumed these videos afterwards, and publicly stated that the incident […]

Babbitt column | The unique development of currency, hiding the important direction of Dapp development

As an observer and practitioner of distributed business, in the past few years, the author has been fortunate to witness the ups and downs of many industries including industry, technology, and finance. When researching, it is inevitable to trace back the history of various industries. In the process, individuals found that currency, especially the digital […]

DApp's legitimacy, privacy and asset security

Since blockchain-based DApps are still rare and are still centralized and decentralized, interacting with them at first can be overwhelming. The purpose of this article is to answer the most common questions related to DApp through three perspectives (legality, privacy, and digital asset security). Over the past few years, blockchain platforms such as ETH and […]

Analysis of the legality and privacy of DApp and the security of tokens in the ecology

In the past few years, the popularity of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and EOS has introduced the world into a new paradigm of computing: decentralized applications. Unlike traditional applications on smartphones, decentralized applications are not owned and operated by an entity or organization. These applications, also known as DApps, offer many well-known advantages, including […]

Don't use the trading volume to measure DApp. Learn about user behavior and investor metrics.

In the world of Web 2.0, operations, product managers, and bosses often stare at data such as daily activities, monthly activities, and retention conversions in an attempt to iterate over products. But in the world of Web 3.0, what kind of measurement framework do we need to provide product managers with product iteration methods and […]

"8 Questions" | EMOGI founder Ray: It is said that there is a tens of millions of Latin American version of "vibrato", can it really fire?

There is a super application on the IOST public chain, which is called the Latin American version of "vibrato", which is said to bring nearly 10 million traffic to IOST. This is a very large flow for the current blockchain industry application, and even some are not credible. After careful inquiry, this DAPP, developed in […]

Spinach didn't keep gamblers, DApp didn't see tomorrow…

The spinach DApp is fading out of sight. Spinach is the nickname for "gaming" in the currency circle, and DApp refers to applications based on distributed technology. A year ago, the spinach DApp was playing hot. In the summer of 2018, the DApp FOMO3D was launched. The DApp, which was developed based on user gambling, […] is a social mutation, where will the ideal country of BM end up?

"One world, one EOS." This is the voice of a group of honest believers from the Chinese community. At 1:50 am on June 15, 2018 Beijing time, the EOS vote rate exceeded 15%, and the main network was officially launched. From that moment on, EOS is like a guide, attracting countless followers. Time flies like […]

Report: 75% of EOS DApp transactions are from robots

According to blockchain security company AnChain, most blockchain DApps, including EOS, are outdated and slow, hard to attract users, and full of robots. Blockchain DApps are hard to attract users Most blockchain DApps have a hard time consolidating the user base. Decentralized exchanges face the problem of insufficient liquidity, poor user experience and high latency. […]

3.6 billion dollars! – 2019Q1 Dapp Data Report

The first quarter of 2019 soon passed, and after the baptism of the Spring Festival, Dapp's data showed a general upward trend. According to DappReview data, only the first three quarters of the three main chain total Dapp transaction flow reached $ 3.6 billion , compared to the $ 5 billion for the full year […]