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Horizontal resolution of the deposit certificate panorama: Will the deposit certificate become a large-scale application scenario for the blockchain?

When many companies are looking for blockchain application scenarios, they will choose "storage certificate" as the entry point and use the blockchain as a depositing tool. Although the blockchain has a market for deposits, does the field really need this technology? This research takes this as the core, combines the common deposit certificate and the […]

Blockchain judicial deposits are becoming more and more popular, and traditional Internet companies are entering the market.

Compared with other applications in the blockchain, blockchain is more widely used in the field of judicial deposits. On June 28, the G20 Chinese spokesperson said at the Chinese and foreign media briefings held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the G20 is also concerned about the application of new technologies in the financial […]

The blockchain changes the judicial community: the evidence is completed within 1 second, and the cost is one percent of the traditional notarization.

From the electronic evidence deposit, to the electronic contract, copyright confirmation, in the judicial field, the blockchain is no longer a new thing. On June 14th, the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court participated in the guidance, and a number of courts and blockchain enterprises participated in the preparation of the White Paper on […]

At least 7 provincial and municipal courts in the country have built a blockchain electronic evidence platform Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou are at the forefront

Recently, Yantai City, Shandong Province issued documents to promote the construction of digital government, pointing out the need to build a "judicial administration + blockchain" and other services and platforms, and comprehensively create Yantai legal services "Taobao." In fact, the value of “blockchain+judicial” is gradually becoming more prominent, and related applications are moving further. At […]

Babbitt Column | What does the White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits tell us?

Babbitt Note: On June 14th, guided by the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court, China Information and Communication Research Institute, Shanghai Higher People's Court, and the White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits jointly sponsored by many units such as Zhongjing Tianping and Tencent. "Official release." The white paper introduces the characteristics […]

"Blockchain Judicial Deposit Application White Paper (Version 1.0)" released (with download link)

Article source: WeChat public number @ China Institute of Information and Communication CAICT Original title: " Blockchain judicial deposit application white paper (version 1.0)" released (with PPT interpretation) On the afternoon of June 14, 2019, the " White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits (Version 1.0) " sponsored by the Trusted Blockchain Promotion […]

From "Forensics" to "Certificate of Deposit"——Building a Legal Supervision Data Theory System by Using Blockchain Technology

The core of legal work is evidence. The legitimacy and relevance of evidence are solved by logic and speculation in court. However, the truth of evidence is not true. The authenticity comes from the source of investigation and evidence collection, from the middle of the storage. And move the exchange. Whether at the source or […]

Opinion: How far is the blockchain deposit really “landing”?

Recently, Tao Kaiyuan, the vice president of the Supreme People's Court, published an article in the "Guangming Daily" on the topic of "emphasizing the improvement of the copyright rights system". When it comes to the issue of copyright protection in the network environment, it mentions emerging time issues such as time stamps and blockchains. Caused […]

Comment: What will happen to the judiciary when it meets with the blockchain?

At the moment, when it comes to Internet-related hot words, it is necessary to mention the “blockchain”. Since the concept of blockchain was proposed in 2008, this technology has been developed for more than 10 years. The decoupling, consensus mechanism and distributed accounting features of the blockchain are intelligent and extremely difficult to tamper with […]