Articles of Blockchain Development

Why do we use GO language for blockchain?

In the development circle of the blockchain public chain, we have found some popular programming languages, including C ++, Golang, Python, and the recent new Rust. Let's make a statistics of the programming languages ​​used by more famous projects, as shown below: The old generation of public chains, such as Bitcoin, Litcoin generally uses C […]

Zhongxiang Bit is strict: no blockchain technology team can make it without 50 people

Source: Mars Finance . Author: Written thick   Mars Finance reports that the Blockchain & Digital Economy Summit Forum hosted by the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee and the China Information Association, and organized by the China Academy of Informatization Development and the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Commission and the 8th Zhongguancun […]

Technical Tutorials | ENS: Add Multicurrency Support to Your Wallet

After the multi-currency support feature was announced on Devcon5, we soon implemented this feature on the ENS manager . Many wallets also began to support this feature shortly. Developers can read the latest implementation details by reading EIP , documentation, and our JavaScript address encoding library . In this article, I will introduce our experience […]

Want to join the blockchain industry? This developer's authoritative guide is worth reading

About the author: Haseeb: General partner of cryptocurrency hedge fund MetaStable Capital . Original link: This article should be the most comprehensive and best material I have ever seen for blockchain application development learning. I hope this article will benefit the friends who want to learn the development of the blockchain. I would like […]

From the cathedral to the bazaar, the charm of hackathon and the soul of the developer community

0, the history of open source culture: from the niche to the mainstream From closed to open, ideal for free software "Cathedral and Market" is the Bible of the open source movement, subverting traditional software development ideas and affecting the entire software development field. Author Eric S. Raymond is the standard-bearer of the open source […]

Popular Science | Bandwidth and Blockchain: How Developers Minimize Overhead

The blockchain records the entire world on the same ledger. Each time a new block is dug, the ledger will generate a new state to replace the previous state. The consensus mechanism is designed to ensure that this status is recognized by most people in the community. In a cleverly designed system, the incentive mechanism […]

Development Guide: Top 10 API/SDK for blockchain applications, encryption solutions or DApp development

[Editor's Note] This guide will help blockchain enthusiasts and developers save a lot of time to overcome some of the most common development challenges. Building applications based on blockchain or cryptocurrency exchanges often encounters many challenges: The existing public blockchain exceeds 50, and the number is still growing. Each chain has its own SDK and […]

I have lived in Australia for 7 years. Where did the former Ali programmer talk about the gap between China and Australia?

Let's first look at a picture from a 2009 Sohu report. Twenty years ago, Deng Xiaoping visited the ten-year scientific and technological achievements exhibition held by the Shanghai Exhibition Hall. Twenty years later, we changed the keyword "computer" to "blockchain", and the words and expressions spoken by Comrade Xiaoping were still vocal. Today, the trend […]

If the way to attract developers is wrong, it is useless to do more marketing activities in the public chain.

In a recently released developer report, Electric Capital evaluated several dimensions from Github code activity, Github Fork, smart contract interactions, and other metrics (such as the Truffle development framework to evaluate downloads) based on 130,000 developer data. Developer community situation for 3000 blockchain projects. Let us more intuitively see the developer ecology of this field […]

尴尬! Interviewed 90,000 developers, 80% without blockchain

The 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Report is released! This year, nearly 90,000 developers participated in the survey to share experiences in learning, tools, and future technology planning. Stack Overflow's annual developer report is the largest and most comprehensive survey for global programmers, and this year has reached its ninth year. Every year, the report […]