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Analysis of the second batch of blockchain service filing list: The public security network supervision department on-site verification of half of the declared project was rejected

Source: Securities Daily Reporter Xing Meng On October 18th, the Central Network Information Office released the second batch of domestic blockchain service filing list (hereinafter referred to as the “second batch list”), and 309 service lists were on the list. The members of this list are full of weights, from national ministries and commissions to […]

Babbitt column | The website office issued a security assessment announcement, what should the blockchain information service provider need to pay attention to?

Author: According to the safety assessment requirements mentioned in the “Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services”, the Office of the Internet has recently issued a declarative announcement. The announcement is clear, but there are still some doubts about how to implement it in practice. In early 2019, the National Internet Information Office ("Network […]

Babbitt column | Personal information exit needs security assessment, the impact on the geometry of overseas currency companies?

According to the author: The Office of the Internet has recently publicly solicited opinions on the “Measures for the Assessment of Outbound Security of Personal Information”. The opinion draft also includes the behavior of overseas institutions collecting domestic personal information into the scope of supervision, which will affect the geometry of overseas currency companies. In […]