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Perspectives | Numerous entrepreneurial opportunities can be found through blockchain in the next decade

Source of this article: Financial Institute 1 Author: Wang Ning In the global financial crisis caused by the epidemic, what will happen to the development of blockchain? How to re-understand the development opportunities of blockchain technology with a long-term perspective? On March 24th, Fang Jun, a consulting partner and senior blockchain researcher at Huobi University, […]

Watch | Silicon Valley Blockchain Entrepreneurs in Epidemic

Source of this article: "Eye of the Wind" in-depth report group Author: Xue stars After the six-county district of the San Francisco Bay Area issued a "shelter-in-place", He Xiangdong (pseudonym) could not say whether it was fortunate or sad. He is an engineer of a blockchain startup in Silicon Valley. The company "will not work […]

Viewpoint | In 2020, blockchain is a thing to do if you lose money

introduction Since the blockchain was promoted to the national strategic level in October 2019, governments at all levels and all sectors of industry, academia, and research have begun to speak for the blockchain and are actively taking action. At present, the industry has basically reached a consensus: 2020 must be the first year of the […]

Why is the blockchain industry about to usher in a wave of entrepreneurship?

The other day, Babbitt editor-in-chief Tang Xialing gave a unique global first-year blockchain multi-year speech in Hangzhou on the theme of "a sense of certainty". The 400-seat small theater was packed with seats, which not only added a bit of warmth to the bitter and cold Hangzhou, but also gave the word "blockchain" a strong […]

Blockchain 2.0, accelerate the integration of supervision and technology finance?

Vincent's main author Vincent "No industry has ever changed as fast as the blockchain, which was unexpected." After a year of silence, Zhang Xu once again stood on the Guomao Building overlooking Shino, still playing with the string of sandalwood beads in his hand. "Take Blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core […]

8 moats for blockchain entrepreneurship and investment in the 2020s

In October 2019, the key word for China's political and economic circles was "BlockChain". I didn't expect the bet to be right. The Chinese are well-behaved in their work, and they are recognized at the top. The next step is the tactical issue of implementing details. I will continue to pay attention to the ecology […]

Who is the "Whampoa Military Academy" in the field of blockchain in China?

The hero does not ask for the source. But looking at the current industry, whether it is a big man, or a new star of the Unicorn company, most of them still come from well-known institutions in academia. The same is true in the blockchain field, where university talents are spread across all areas of […]

From Internet people to blockchain entrepreneurship: 365 days for a chain farmer

Hello everyone, I am to Dan Christina. July 12, 2018, is the date of my 2nd anniversary, and this day, I officially bid farewell to the orange factory all in to Bibox , a blockchain enterprise dedicated to becoming a "hundred-year-old shop." It’s been a year since today, from Internet people to chain people, how […]

At the age of 19, he was the boss. At the age of 20, ICO failed. At the age of 21, the project was linked to eBay. Why is the startup company so difficult?

Ivan Komar, 21, is the founder of a startup called "Sponsy". After the failure of ICO in 2018, he was trying to sell his project on eBay for $60,000. I saw the opportunity but couldn’t get the money. At the end of 2017, an opportunity, Komar launched his project. Three years ago, 19-year-old Komar was […]