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If you halve, you will appreciate. Half a bitcoin is more valuable?

Impact of the recent outbreak Daxing forced to ban feet But banned my jio I can't help but care about my heart! So starting today Daxing decides to give because p Students who want to understand the blockchain 唠 The chain is fine and broken, short in parents Dear friends, Speaking of hot spots in […]

Read through the blockchain series: Key role in the blockchain world Token

Author: 36D brother If you are doing IT technology, you must be no stranger to tokens, and even very familiar and familiar, because this is a technical point that you almost deal with every day. If you are a game enthusiast or shopping enthusiast, you have used it invisibly. Game coins in various e-sports games, […]

Getting started with blockchain | Hash lock for cross-chain technology solutions

In the vernacular before the tweet " Dr. Xiao Feng's praise of the two major cross-chain technology projects Cosmos and Poca " mentioned cross-chain technology, one of the implementation models of cross-chain technology is the hash lock, today white Let's explain in detail what is a hash lock. 01 Hash Lock and Lightning Network Hash […]

Introduction to Blockchain | Exploring Zero Knowledge Proof Series (1): Initially Knowing "Zero Knowledge" and "Certificate"

introduction I think the blockchain is hard to call a "technology." It is more like a field, all-encompassing. Or metaphysically, blockchain is more like an organism, combining various theoretical techniques. Zero knowledge proof is an important technology to build trust, and it is also an indispensable part of the blockchain organism. Zero-knowledge proof is the […]

Popular Science | Blockchain Security Getting Started Notes

As more and more people participate in the blockchain industry, the new vitality of the industry, as well as the lack of relevant knowledge and lack of security awareness, gives attackers more opportunities. In the face of frequent security incidents, Slow Fog introduced the blockchain security entry notes series to introduce the blockchain security related […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is fragmentation?

You may also know that one of the most important factors limiting the current large-scale application of blockchain technology is performance , which is one reason why many traditional Internet practitioners are less optimistic about blockchain technology. So, how to solve the performance problem of the blockchain? One of the solutions is Sharding . 1. […]

Getting started with blockchain

Digital Signature: A digital signature is considered a digital simulation of a handwritten signature. The important features of handwritten signatures are: 1. Your own signature can only be made by yourself; 2. Your own signature can be verified by anyone else; 3. Your own signature only contacts a particular file and cannot be used to […]

Getting started with blockchain | The phone or computer with the wallet installed is broken, is the currency gone?

A few days ago, Dabai’s good friend Xiaohe ran over and worried about the white: the mobile phone with the wallet installed was broken, and it could not be turned on. It could not be repaired. Is the Token in the wallet gone? Presumably, many of the small partners who have just touched the blockchain […]

Getting started with blockchain: Mobile mining? Innovation or oolong?

"A mobile phone is 4580 yuan, 8-9 coins per day, the initial price is 5-10 yuan, and the over-the-counter purchase price is 4-5 yuan. Three months without returning the package to refund the refund." The cryptocurrency became hot. At the moment of investment, is such a slogan very tempting? If the mobile phone is combined […]

Getting started with blockchain: Why should Ethereum set a block for the block?

In the article "The issuance and export of the Ethereum", we introduced that in the Ethereum system, if at the same block height, several miners dug up new blocks, one of these blocks. It will become the block on the longest chain, and other blocks, if referenced by subsequent blocks, will be called Uncle Block, […]