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What is the suggestion of the 130,000-word blockchain report of the Mutual Gold Association for the application in the financial field?

Source of this article: First Financial Author: Duchuan On the evening of April 14, the China Internet Finance Association Blockchain Research Working Group officially released the "China Blockchain Financial Application and Development Research Report (2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), which is 130,000 words long and is under in-depth investigation. After 47 practitioners in […]

Babbitt Column | Does Blockchain Native Asset Really Make Sense?

I. What Bitcoin means to real life There was a time when I worked hard to think about the meaning of Bitcoin for real life, and then I came up with 8 words: cross-border, innovation, illegal, restricted. What does that mean? In other words, although our current electronic payment is very developed, and our WeChat […]

IDC releases top ten predictions for China's blockchain market in 2020

Source: World Wide Web News on February 17th, IDC Consulting, an international data company, recently released "IDC FutureScape: 2020 Global Blockchain Market Forecast-China's Enlightenment". The report forecasts the Chinese blockchain market in the next five years, covering the macro environment and market hotspots. , User needs, product and technology trends, etc., for reference by industry […]

Foreign exchange bureau strengthens the construction of cross-border financial blockchain service platform to ease the financing difficulties and expensive financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises

Source: Securities Daily For companies currently affected by the epidemic, what policies or measures support resumption of work and production, and for enterprises in non-epidemic prevention and control areas, what support measures are there? Xuan Changneng, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange At a press conference held by the State Council in […]

Research Report | Finance must be the most suitable application area for blockchain (Part 2)

Overview This article is divided into two parts: the first part [ finance must be the most suitable application area of ​​the blockchain (Part 1) ] discussed the market size, industry pain points and existing banks The liquidity management model, the next part will continue to start from the liquidity management model, and explore how […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain's "shock" in the financial field is not as big as expected

Source: Shallot Blockchain Author: Yanyao Ping "The financial system will change a lot because of the blockchain, but it will never be subversive. " Recently participating in the "Break the Boundary. Fusion-Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit Forum", Heping He, the principal of the China Financial Research Center of Tsinghua University, stated clearly when talking about […]

IResearch releases blockchain research report, "differentiated finance" will become the trend of blockchain financial business collaboration platform

Recently, iResearch released "Earth Archaeology-2019 China Blockchain Financial Industry Research Report". The report analyzes the blockchain financial market participants, industry structure, financial institutions' technical investment, supervision and policies, and insights into the industry's future development trends. Through a large number of corporate research and expert interviews, the blockchain has been studied in depth in supply […]

Lingting 2020 | Tao Rongqi, founder of X-Order: Libra makes all Internet applications part of open finance

On December 27th, the world's first blockchain year-end speech "Ling Listening 2020" was held in Hangzhou Canal Culture and Art Center. The theme of "Ling Ting 2020" is "Sense of Certainty". It is led by Tang Xia Ling, vice president / editor of Babbitt and the founder of Ling Ting Blockchain. Together with 3 heavyweight […]

Why is the blockchain a brand new game arena?

What is the use of the blockchain? In response to this question, Virgil Griffith, a member of the Ethereum Foundation, used Ethereum as an example to present an eye-opening view [t1]: Ethereum is an unprecedented arena for playing cooperative games (Ethereum is an unprecedented cooperative game arena). Blockchain and game theory are two different areas. […]

Babbitt Column | What impact will macroeconomic fluctuations have on the blockchain industry?

For the digital currency market, May 2019 is undoubtedly an impressive period. In a month's time, Bitcoin has suddenly made a force from 5000 points, and it has broken through another pressure level, even Once approaching the 9000-point mark, countless industry insiders shouted "the bull market has arrived" in an accident. Despite the controversy over […]