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Getting started with blockchain | Stunning EOS counterfeit! How come, how to identify?

In real life, you may receive counterfeit money if you don't pay attention. In the blockchain world, there is also a phenomenon of "counterfeit currency attack." So how do counterfeit coins are generated and how do you prevent EOS counterfeit currency? Let's take a look at it. 01 unique EOS account system In order to […]

Getting started with blockchain | E-cash is convenient? Maybe you still don't know the legal digital currency.

Most people tend to choose Alipay and WeChat to pay for their daily travel and shopping. In just a few years, the emergence of e-cash has changed people's lifestyles and increased payment efficiency. From the development of natural currency such as physical and precious metals to artificial currency such as coinage and banknotes, to today's […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is a 51% power attack?

Concerned about the bitcoin's small partners, I must have heard 51% of the power to attack the word, what does it mean, what kind of "bad things" can be done after launching this kind of attack? Today, I will briefly introduce the 51% of the power attack related matters. In the Bitcoin white paper, there […]

Getting started with blockchain | Let EOS lie down and “mining” REX deployment

Recently, the word Staking Economy has been very popular in the industry. Before the publication , it also published the basic knowledge of Staking , the future market value of tens of billions of dollars, and the risks. After reading the article, many people ran to ask Dabai: Why does EOS in my wallet make […]

Getting started with blockchain | One of the stable coin series: Why do we need stable coins?

Why do we need stable coins? To figure out this problem, we must first know what the stable currency is. Wen Xiang knows why the stable currency is unstable? From the meaning of the stable currency, it is mentioned in the article: The stability of the stable currency actually refers to "the stability caused by […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is a hash function

Today we take a look at an important concept of bitcoin: the hash function. This article first introduces what are the hash function and the hash function's three characteristics of collision resistance, privacy and puzzle friendliness. Combined with the characteristics of the blockchain, the specific application of the hash function in the proof of the […]