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Mutual treasures use blockchain to process New Crown virus claims, can it subvert traditional insurance companies?

Speaking of mutual treasure, everyone must have some understanding. As a major disease mutual assistance plan for Alipay, its function is similar to consumer-type serious illness insurance. But it is not insurance but "mutual assistance". To put it simply, "one person is sick, and everyone is even." The scope of Hubaobao's protection covers cancer +99 […]

14 insurance companies join insurance risk control blockchain platform industry expect application results to accelerate landing

Source: Securities Daily Reporter Leng Cuihua At the recent launch of the “Initiation of the Development of Blockchain Application Technology Standards for the Insurance Industry and the Issuance Ceremony of the“ White Paper on Blockchain Insurance Applications ”(hereinafter referred to as the“ White Paper ”), the construction of an insurance risk control blockchain platform was […]

When the insurance industry encounters blockchain

Insurance broker's troubles Xiaobian's friend H, a veteran insurance broker, specializes in helping clients configure insurance products for various insurance companies in China. H often spoke to me about his work: every time I help my clients, I want to find a lot of health information, including medical reports, cases, medical check-ups, relevant documents for […]

Ping An and Zhong An lead: The Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission encourages the application of blockchain and the entry of nine insurance companies

Blockchain + insurance industry may usher in major development opportunities. On July 16, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Promoting the Entity Economy of Supply Chain Financial Services" to the major banks and insurance companies (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The […]

"Insurance + blockchain": I have a chain, who is coming to the league?

In October 1347, the captain of the Italian merchant ship "Saint Collera" found the wealthy businessman George Lek Velen. The merchant ship was about to cross the Mediterranean reef and hurricane belt, and transported a batch of valuable cargo from Genoa to Machoca. The captain signed an agreement with Lek Velen: the captain pays a […]