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Depth | How to invest in blockchain infrastructure in a macro cycle?

Author | Zheng Jialiang, Research Director of HashKey Capital This article mainly elaborates our views on blockchain industry investment, especially infrastructure investment. From historical data and deductions, it can be concluded that blockchain infrastructure investment is the epitome of the macro cycle, which is affected by the global credit expansion-contraction cycle. Blockchain projects should be […]

Is there a future for Bitcoin? Is the fundamentals of the blockchain industry stable? Disciple Ren Zeping tells you the answer

The rapid development of the blockchain continues to gain the attention of outsiders. On March 27th, Shuangjie Ren, a disciple of Ren Zeping and founder of Tongzheng Tong Research Institute, reviewed and summarized the development process and experience of the Internet era in the second session of "Basic Blockchain Fundamentals in the Eyes of Traditional […]

What kind of blockchain project is worth investing in? Graph Network Data Tells You | Babbitt Industry Lesson

Babbitt Industry Lesson 2 "Finance is a Trap or a Treasure?" —— "Blockchain and Finance" Study Week, officially started on March 23. In the five-day course, five top blockchain experts used investment as the theme to showcase the cutting-edge investment experience and ideas from the blockchain. On the evening of Wednesday, March 25th, Tao Rongqi […]

Data analysis of 731 companies worldwide: How does the market react to companies involved in blockchain?

Original: Journal of Banking and Finance Author: Daniel Cahill, Dirk G. Baur, Zhangxin Liu, Joey W. Yang Source of this article: Institute of Financial Technology of the People's Congress (id: ruc_fintech) Compilation: Zhou Rong What is the investment potential of the blockchain? "Still Blockchain: How Does the Market react to companies involved in Blockchain? 》 […]

Blockchain is becoming more and more mainstream, what opportunities do ordinary people have?

For cutting-edge technologies, short-term effects are often overestimated, and long-term effects are underestimated. The same goes for blockchain. More than a year ago, blockchain was still a niche topic and obscure terminology. Now, among the top ten skills required by 2020 companies listed by LinkedIn, blockchain is the first. The evolution of technology is not […]

Under review: how to conduct due diligence on a blockchain project (technical articles)

Author / Gene Deyev Compilation / Blocklike Lan Wen The author of this article is Gene Deyev. Gene is the CEO of STObox, a US digital securities issuance, management, and trading settlement platform. He has 20 years of experience in business and financial markets. . The content of this translation is its recently published article […]

2020 Investor's Congress discussion: Market fluctuations, how to predict capital?

On January 9, 2019, the 2020 "FAT" Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony, hosted by Odaily Planet Daily, ended in Beijing. The roundtable forum of "How the capital fluctuates, how to predict capital?" Hosted by Ms. Wang Mengdie, founder and CEO of Odaily Planet Daily, invited Huang Lingbo, vice president of distributed capital, Mable Jiang, executive […]

SheKnows End of Year Debate | Talking about Bubble Discoloration? Layout of blockchain, capital will never sleep!

Since the "10.24 speech", the entire industry has set off a wave of blockchain applications. At the cusp of the times, opportunities and challenges coexist. How do entrepreneurial rookies make a strong entry in the market with giants and develop in dislocation? The capital market bubble is rising, how do investors lay out? The public […]

Global Blockchain Investment Statistics in November: U.S. investment agencies are the most active, occupying "half of the country"

Text | Yuan Ting This report was jointly released by the Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Editor's Note: Original title "November Global Blockchain Investment Institutions List: US Investment Institutions Are Most Active, Strategic Investment Proportions Are High" According to the incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, in November 2019, […]

Babbitt site | Policies are hot, Tokenfund is cold, where are the investment opportunities for blockchain in 2020?

Babbitt News, on December 3, "2019 CAN Conference · Interconnection of Everything, Blockchain and New Global Economic Structure" was held in Hangzhou. In the roundtable forum in the afternoon, Zhou Shuoji , founder of FBG Capital , Yi Lihua , founder of De Capital, Li Zongcheng , founder of Time Stamp Capital , Sun Ming […]