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Blockchain invoices go to midfield: giants have already laid out "new infrastructure"

Source: China Business News The 25 trillion key projects and new infrastructure concepts released by 7 provinces and cities instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the capital market, and blockchain is becoming a key technical element among them. "New infrastructure" is essentially an infrastructure for digitizing information. As an extension and upgrade of traditional infrastructure, it […]

Beijing progress in blockchain applications: from "directory blockchain" to the first blockchain electronic invoice

Source: Securities Daily Reporter: Xing Meng A few days ago, Beijing issued the first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice, which means that Beijing's tax service management has officially entered the blockchain era. It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau will gradually carry out the pilot promotion of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices throughout the city. […]

True or false demand? Comparison of Blockchain Invoices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse The electronicization of invoices in China has not yet become widespread, and blockchain invoices are catching up quickly. On March 3, the parking lot of Beijing Hanwei International Plaza issued the first block chain electronic ordinary invoice in Beijing, and Beijing tax service and management also officially entered the block chain […]

Beijing issued the first blockchain electronic invoice, parking tickets and park tickets will be included

Reporter: Zhao Peng Source: Beijing Daily Beijing's first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice was issued yesterday in the parking lot of Hanwei International Plaza, which means that Beijing's tax service management has entered the blockchain era for the first time. Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced on March 4 that in the future, parking lots in this […]

Pain points, trends, and competition patterns-five questions and five answers to blockchain electronic invoices

Author: Song Jiaji, Sun Shuang Source: Keith Communication   Summary One question: Why is the blockchain electronic invoice the general trend? 1) The market underestimates the government's acceptance of the blockchain. We believe that after the "1024" Politburo's collective study, the acceptance of the blockchain at the government IT level has unprecedentedly increased, especially the […]

The Blockchain Electronic Invoice Extreme Edition is launched on WeChat.The fastest time to open the invoice is 30 minutes.

Source of this article: Economic Observation Network Reporter Du Tao   On March 2nd, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent Blockchain and WeChat Pay launched the Blockchain Electronic Invoice Express Edition, which quickly registered and opened the Blockchain Electronic Invoice function in 30 minutes. Li Haohao, Director of the Tax Collection and Technology Development Division of […]

Non-contact is more comfortable, new experience of Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice during the epidemic prevention period

Economic Daily-China Economic Network reporter Yang Yangteng Source: China Economic Net In the early morning of February 27, Ms. Qiu from the National University Pharmacy Xili Store began a busy day. She first disinfects the pharmacy, then looks at the medicines the customer ordered through the applet, checks the inventory, and calls the customer to […]

Anniversary of the planning of the Greater Bay Area: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau have become a treasure trove of blockchain development

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse · Golden Walk [Interlink Pulse Press] On February 18 last year, the "Outline of Development Planning for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning Outline") was officially released, just one year ago. During this year, the development results of the Greater Bay Area blockchain have begun […]

Blockchain technology wars God of Plague, "Material traceability, electronic invoice, logistics tracking, payment"

Beginning on February 6, a large-scale snowfall will begin across the country, and the sky will fall. I hope this plague will fade away quickly. I hope that all sorrows will be comforted after the plague, and all deaths will be remembered. World Return to peace-as described in Chairman Mao's "Sending the Plague God", "By […]

Blockchain + Electronic Invoice Practice: Taking Tencent Blockchain Invoice as an Example

Project introduction According to Tencent Technology, on August 10, 2018, the nation's first blockchain electronic invoice was implemented in Shenzhen, and its underlying technology was provided by Tencent. At the Shenzhen International Trade Revolving Restaurant, a 198 yuan catering invoice was issued, and the password area of ​​the invoice was displayed by the hash value. […]