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Learn to think on the demand side to find the holy grail of blockchain

Learn to think on the demand side to find the holy grail of blockchain Every technological innovation is a large-scale social experiment. The key to the door to success is never technology, but scenes. I was once fortunate to have participated in the entrepreneurial process of a blockchain company. It is precisely because of this […]

Blockchain engineering: one of the most overlooked places in the industry

Babbitt News, July 19th, “The Initiative of the Publicity of the East China Region and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Shanghai Science and Technology Office” was held at the Shanghai Navy and People's Integration Industry Base. Yan Ting, founder and CEO of Zhongxiang Bit , said in his opening speech. “The blockchain technology has been […]

Editor-in-Chief | Hangzhou Block Chain Week, a feast of mobility

Eighty hours after the end of the Hangzhou blockchain week, Hemingway’s words in the "Farming Feast" came out of my mind at least three times: If you are lucky enough to live in Paris when you were young, then you will be with you wherever you go, because Paris is a flowing feast. The reason […]

Babbitt's exclusive review of 98 new three-board company annual reports, found that the company layout blockchain 6 features

At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain's heat was on the rise, and the companies of the New Third Board had “touched the chain”. According to media incomplete statistics, from January to March 2018, at least 19 companies issued announcements involving blockchains. If the time is stretched, from March 2016 to March 2018, this number […]