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Samsung keeps cryptocurrency features in Galaxy S20 phones

Korean technology giant Samsung recently unveiled its latest Galaxy S20 series of smartphones at the Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco. According to Samsung's new series of mobile phone information, although the new camera has received much attention, it will also improve the integrated blockchain security features introduced on the Galaxy S10 series of phones […]

Can smartphone + hardware wallet save HTC?

Source: block chain outposts, author: Joyce, original title "by layoffs in transition, HTC has come to dead end? 》   Introduction: The immature cryptocurrency and blockchain mobile phone market can be easily entered for HTC, but it is difficult to say whether a "big but not big" company can be brought back to life. Not […]

With 25% layoffs, Messi can't save the world's "first" blockchain phone!

Recently, according to Israeli financial media Globes, the Finney blockchain mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as Finney) endorsed by Barcelona star Messi has experienced an unprecedented economic crisis. Because the sales of this blockchain mobile phone are far below the expected standard, its manufacturer Israeli communications technology company Sirin Labs had to start large-scale layoffs […]

"Mobile phone mining" turned into a farce: the currency can only change the phone case, the agent lost millions

The blockchain mobile phone that was popular in 2018 has become a chicken feather. The project side runs, the agent loses money, the user defends the rights… The chaotic “mobile phone mining” has come to an end. But in addition to mobile phone mining, some mobile phone practitioners are still trying to implant blockchain into […]